Houston trip Monday Dec 12th  

AusTxman032 50M
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12/12/2005 8:02 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Houston trip Monday Dec 12th

Man...I am heading to Houston for a Business meeting on Tues. Will be running around H-town. I have invited my friend from Arlington to join me...and I am crossing my fingers.
I have always thought hotel sex is more erotic, maybe the anonymousness of it. Not sure.
But could be a LOT of fun.

Does anyone else have fun hotel stories that they would like to share?

silkysmoothlegs3 105F

12/15/2005 1:26 pm

Hotel sex is wonderful
Sex with you anyplace would be wonderful
nice body
I hope you dont mind silky perving
Hope you have fun tuesday
silky xx

AusTxman032 50M
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12/16/2005 6:08 am

Aha...thanks Silky..you can perv anytime. I must say I have read your blog on occasion also.
Keep up the fun!

crazygurl2xx 57F

1/26/2006 7:13 am

I met a young man online, and he was so delicious that I did agree to meet him at a motel near my home for sex only. He sent me a text telling me what room and did I want him naked or dressed. Of course my reply was "naked".

The door was left open when I arrived and on the bed was a beautiful naked man. I went in, closed the door and immediately went to the bed and straddled him. I gave myself a few moments to enjoy how incredibly sexy he looked and before long, I was naked too. In the hour and a half we spent together, it was some of the most wonderful sex I have ever had, an amazing experience...he was just one of those unbelievable naturals. He knew everything about what I liked and we had never even met before. And though we have chatted online a couple of times since then, we have never met again, and I don't want to.

I like to remember it just the perfect way it was.

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