This fantasy could be ours  

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4/11/2005 5:51 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

This fantasy could be ours

I’m taking a shower, you are sitting on the toilet trying to peee. I open the shower curtain to let you see me. I take my anal vibrator and slide it up my ass and it gets me horny. I let it vibrate, while I masturbate.
You sit with your panties down around your ankles and after you piss, you masturbate with me.
I can’t see what your doing because you are wearing a skirt. I know that you are getting off really good by the look of satisfaction on your face. I pull out the vibrating part of my toy and stick it under my dick.
I rub it up and down on my dick until I explode all over your face. My goop drips down your face and onto your shirt. At this point you are exploding too. You take off your shirt, bra and skirt and jump onto me. You are now sucking my cock and sliding my anal toy in and out of my ass. You also are sticking fingers up my ass and scratching by back and ass cheeks. And then you also finger yourself. We are like this until we both cum. We then switch places and I do the same to you.

I do have a new, 6”, rubber, anal, vibrator. And I must say that it is great, but I’m looking for something with more vibe, bigger but at a less cost. When I take a shower, I use that thing but good. Got it? But good?

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