Snow White and the Seven Fucks  

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4/9/2005 5:28 pm

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Snow White and the Seven Fucks

One day while Snow White was cleaning house for the seven dwarfs, she happened to come upon a pile of clothes that the dwarfs owned. Usually the Dwarfs didn’t do this for they were pretty clean anyway, and since all of the dwarfs were off in the diamond mines collecting diamonds. Snow White heard a scurrying behind her and turned around just in time to see one of the dwarfs push her over the pile of clothes and on the floor.

“Oh my goodness!” Snow White exclaimed. “What is the meaning of all this?”

In an instant all the seven little dwarfs came out and started ripping her clothes off, and taking the time to look her over. She didn’t know why they were doing this and asked them to stop. The Seven Dwarfs tore off all of Snow White’s clothes all the way down to her skin.

“STOP, OH STOP. PLEASE. NOOOO…” Screamed a very disturbed Snow White.

She screamed and yelled for them to stop but they didn’t listen. Then Doc hammered down five nails in the floor; one for each arm, one for each leg, and one in front for her head. The dwarves turned her over, backside up, onto her stomach, and tied her to each nail making sure her legs were spread eagle. Then they tied her panties around her head and tied that to the fifth nail. They started dancing naked around her while slapping her, kicking her and calling her names.

“Slut.” Said Grumpy.

“Bitch.” Yelled Sleepy.


“Cock sucker.”

Snow White whined and cried until Grumpy shoved a hat down her throat until she gagged. The Dwarfs started masturbating all over her and dry humping her. Saying things like …this is for your own good…. and …you’ve been a naughty girl haven’t you…this has been coming for a long while…

Filling her holes with their dirty little dicks and when her ass and pussy were full they forced their dicks in her mouth. They also pinched, slapped, poked, hit and kicked her while calling her all kinds of names. Snow White couldn’t take what they dished out to her and at times passed out only to come back to their evil work. This went on for until they grew tired and then quit and went to bed. Snow White was tired, sore and wet with their cum and spit of the dwarfs. She finally went to sleep. The next morning Snow White woke up to another round of violation until five of the seven dwarfs went out to find something to eat. Two of the dwarfs, Sneezy and Grumpy, stayed behind to watch over Snow White as she cleaned the cottage in the nude. The dwarfs gave her a dog collar around her neck attached to a leash. Finally, it was time to get out of there before the others got back. Snow White took some pepper and blew into the top expelling a cloud of pepper over to Sneezy and making him sneeze. Sneezy did sneeze and made him bump his head and knocked him out. Grumpy attached himself to her leg and tried to trip her. She kicked Grumpy and he flew head over heels and landed in the sink. Snow White went over and with a pick stabbed both Grumpy and Sneezy in the heads. “Dirty little fuckers.” She said. Snow White left the cottage never to be seen again.

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