Shower sex  

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4/1/2005 3:50 pm

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Shower sex

This is only fiction, although I would like to do this one some time. Let me know how it sounds.

We’ve just finished our time in the pool and you don’t seem to notice me as you go to the women’s locker room. I follow you in. You start a shower while I stay in the shadows and pull out my dick. You start soaping up and using the shampoo. I watch you as you strip out of your swimsuit and as you do I get going masturbating. I watch as the shampoo goes through your long hair. I’m even jealous of the shampoo bubbles as they slide their way down your body. Caressing your breasts, slip sliding their way over your hard, erect, pink tits. Then as they go down lightly touching your pussy. I watch as you explore your body, poking a middle finger up your ass. Poking around your pussy until you cum hard. I peel off my swim trunks the rest of the way and as they are still wet I wrap my dick up in them and get off more. Oh how I would love to ravage you. All of a sudden you drop your soap and as you pick it up, look over in my shadow. I’ve been spotted! With a grin at me, you turn around and start to pick it up. That’s it I think. I’ve been spotted and received my cue. I get up and walk quietly over to your cute, tight ass. As you’re on your hands and knees picking up your soap, I come up to you and get on my knees and slide my dick in your ass.
I then fuck the hell out of you. In and out we pick up a motion that only we know about. I reach out and twist your tits. I call you bitch, you respond back by saying bastared. We huff and puff. We cuss and call each other names. It’s a romance of a strange kind. Finally I cum in your ass, but that’s not enough for you. You want to have me right there on the shower floor. I get on top of you and we kiss. As we kiss I slide my fingers in and out of your pussy. We do a 69 and I explore your pussy with finger and tongue. We are cumming again. It seems you can’t get enough of me. We kiss some more. It’s not long before I’m hard again ready to finish our little sexersie in the women’s’ locker room. You are on the bottom, and I am on top. We fuck each other’s brains out. We yell and scream for more. Afterwards as I cum in your pussy, we exchange phone numbers and go our separate ways.

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