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4/13/2005 5:13 pm

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I’m a plushophile

I like my stuffed bunny. My code is: P bun /!F B+ BB C !E FF I- >M !MM N !O Sp+ >sf am-suwz gma
I’d like to meet some other female plushophiles in here. I’d be interested in becoming a furvert. I’d be a wolf, I think. I may also be a toonophile, because I like little, female, pink bunnies and small, female, cats.
Do you remember Tiny Toons? It was a Speilburg/Warner Bros cartoon. The next generation of Loony Toons. Jerry Seinfeld liked them. Anyway, I like the Babs bunny character. I also like the little cat or bunny from the cartoon Sonic the Hedgehog.

I don’t know why.

We’d meet at your place and we’d show each other’s plush friend. We’d then talk about ways of getting off with them. I tell you how hot your plush toy looks. You tell me you’d like to see me naked while getting off with my bunny. I tell you the same thing. We go into the bedroom and have sex while using our plushies. We’d have a plushgasm. Then after a night of intense passion, we cuddle each other and our plush friends.

Are there any plush people or furferts in here?

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