One lazy afternoon...revisited  

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One lazy afternoon...revisited

The following is erotic fiction…the people and objects in this story are fictional…no persons or animals were harmed while coming up with this story.

One lazy afternoon.

One lazy afternoon, Alice had made her way back to Wonderland. It was her favorite place to spend her time. She met the White Rabbit to discuss the logic of Wonderland. As we all know, there is no logic in wonderland so the discussion was pointless and they both dropped the subject totally. After a while of walking they stumbled across a secret stash of hash from the Caterpillar. Alice had gotten high before, but this time it hit her hard.

A little while of smoking, and a lot of time wasted, Alice and the White Rabbit had a great buzz going. So great in fact, that Alice fell asleep and the White Rabbit was getting really horny. He looked Alice up and down and thought that while she was out, he could take advantage of this moment. He looked around and seeing that he and Alice were alone today, went to work on her. He slowly undressed her and himself. He then started nibbling at her pussy, tasting her sweet sex juices and getting off at the same time. He’d never done a human female before and so this was new territory for him. He made her cum so much. As Alice came, she woke for the moment to find he was nibbling at her. This provoked her to pull at his ears so that he went up in her more.

His little bunny whiskers tickling her thighs and vagina. She enjoyed it all, and after she came she pulled him up to her by his long bunny ears. She looked into the White Rabbit’s eyes and slapped him. Alice screamed no, but the drugs overtook her, and sent her to dreamland while the White Rabbit went ahead and fucked her. His long thick rabbit-ly 12” cock slid in and out of her easily. He tried to force his rabbit dick all the way up in her but couldn’t. Alice was not built like a rabbit.

The White Rabbit nonetheless fucked her, as he had some fuck bunny issues towards her, ever since they had met. He fucked her pussy until she bit her lower lip, shook and arched her back. Alice didn’t know what was really going on right then, just that she was feeling really great! The bunny fucked Alice till they both came at the same time. After that the White Rabbit turned Alice over and fucked her in the ass. Afterwards The White Rabbit laid down next to Alice and fell asleep.

And with that Alice got up on her knees and pulled on the rabbit’s balls. They were a good size too. The White Rabbit felt a great pain at first as he was being pulled by his balls toward Alice.

“Come here, I’m not finished with you yet. No queer is going to have you yet.”

“I said queen, not queer.” Cried the White Rabbit.

At this sight the Madd Hatter crumpled to the ground while holding his own balls. He watched on in horror while Alice grabbed the White Rabbit’s large balls and pulled him toward her open, waiting mouth. At first the Madd Hatter was in shock over the size of the White Rabbit’s big, long meaty tool. Then he was all over the sight of his big balls.

“He’s got the biggest balls of all.” The Madd Hatter exclaimed. He then stood back up and started jacking off again.

While the Madd Hatter was indulging in pleasuring himself, Alice and the White Rabbit were clearly not at all finished with their dirty deed.

“Oh God, you dirty bitch!” moaned the Rabbit.

“You want some of this?” He asked.

By the hungry look on Alice’s face, he could see she was hungry and that she aimed to get full real soon. Alice pulled the White Rabbit by his balls all the way to her mouth and started to kiss them. Licking, kissing and sucking all from the bottom of his big balls all the way to the tiptop of his long, big dick. Alice licked his cock as if it were a lollipop. Then she worked long and hard at sucking his dick down her throat. She moaned and he groaned. Alice started getting him off while she sucked down his one eyed snake.

“Oh good God, Alice!” exclaimed the Rabbit. “Oh you can do better than that you dirty little whore!”

At this Alice bit down on the Rabbit’s dick. “Ouch.” Came the Rabbit’s reply.

All the while the Madd Hatter came over and over at the outstanding sight.

“I’m going to be late.” Said the Madd Hatter. “But I don’t want to leave just yet, what a pickle I’m in.”

The Madd Hatter stayed and took it all in.

The White Rabbit held on to Alice’s head and actually pushed her down on his dick making Alice gag. As soon as she got over her gagging, she started a rhythm. Then the Rabbit joined in. As well as the Madd Hatter. By this time the Madd Hatter had accidentally made his way out of the bushes and in plain view of both Alice and the White Rabbit. The Madd Hatter didn’t realize this until it was too late.

Upon seeing the Madd Hatter, with his trousers down and his big dick out in plain sight, Alice was scared at first and then actually enjoyed this. Assuming that the Madd Hatter was in the bushes for a while just egged her on. The Madd Hatter, upon seeing Alice notice him, turned red and then came all over himself. The White Rabbit didn’t care too much for the Madd Hatter anyway and also didn’t like the Madd Hatter watching him. Alice on the other hand liked this and went ballistic on the Rabbit’s dick. The White Rabbit was in 7th heaven from all the sucking and now blowing to his dick. All the while Alice moved her hand up to the Rabbit’s ass and the other to his balls to play with. The Rabbit was in ecstasy. The Madd Hatter just went wild.

“Oh my God, you fuckn bitch.” “Your ass is mine now… dam… whore.” Said an excited Rabbit.

“Fuck her in the ass.” Exclaimed an excited Madd Hatter.

Alice finished off the White Rabbit and then turned around to give the Rabbit a good shot at her ass.

“I want you to fill me up you bad boy.” Said Alice. “Give me your Playboy self and I’ll be your Jessica.” Alice said again in a sexy voice.

This time it drove the White Rabbit in frenzy and all of his sex experience with other rabbits came to him. He drove his long, big, hard cock up into Alice’s ass. Fast and furious the Rabbit went.

“Damm nasty bitch needed this.” The Madd Hatter said.

Drilling into Alice’s ass the Rabbit did.

“Oh yes, yes, y--.” Alice cried. “I’m a nasty, dirty bitch.” She said.

Alice’s head swimming from getting her ass tapped. The fast pace of the White Rabbit going at it. It all came down to this. This one final time before the White Rabbit was to go. And then…

Well, I don’t know for sure what happened. After I, the Cheshire Cat, came my head popped off. Rolled down the tree branch I was getting off on. Bounced off the end and into the air. My body, as sticky as it was, followed me into the air leaving a trail of cat spunk behind me. I do not know for sure how it ended.


If you can think of any changes or whatever, let me know. This story was done once before, but I couldn't find it then.

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