My fantasy - updated  

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4/3/2005 6:01 pm

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My fantasy - updated

We meet at the bar and have a great discussion on our favorite movies. The talk goes on to porn and sometime in our conservation we find ourselves in my car making out. We池e horny and you suggest going back to your place. Little did I know that you were into bondage among other kinks. We池e in the moment and our clothing goes flying everywhere. You look hot, with your long silky hair, your tight skin, your hard, erect tits. Above all else your hot, horny, amazingly tight, wet, sweet pussy. Then just when Dick and Harry show up, you tell me to follow you to your bedroom. I知 horny and ready to do it with you and you start telling me what to do, you start ordering me around and it makes me horny. You make me take off my boxers, to put on a collar and get on all fours while I知 nude. You hook a leash up the collar, hook the handle end to a bedpost and leave the room. Okay, now it痴 a let down, but at this point I start masturbating myself at the thought of bondage. Twenty-five minutes later you come back and you池e dressed up in leather and bondage gear. I知 happy! You unhook the handle end of the collar and talk to me like a dog. You tell me to behave or you値l spank me. I howl. At this point there are many more women in the living room. They all applaud my date and tell me that all men are dogs. I知 really happy and horny as I see all these women all in bandage gear, lingerie, naked and in whatever you dream of. You hook me up with some torture devices; a cock ring on my cock, some nipple clamps and a set of Ben something ball torture thingy. My balls hang pretty low almost touching the ground. You shove my face down in some dog food and I eat some of it. My balls hurt from the ball device that I知 hooked up with. Your wearing some bondage gear, some leather and a strap on. With the strap on you fuck the shit out of my ass in front of all these women until we cum. The women all take turns spanking and whipping me around the room. You are so horny that you tell all your friends that we will all go in her room and have an all night orgy. Then afterwards we have sex in your room and you tie me up to the four-poster bed face down and fuck me again in the ass again.

After all this is done. We have basic sex and fall fast asleep.

What parts of this story did you like? And are there any females willing to take part in this?
With or without the extra females.

Good night.

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