A Smurfy Night Revised  

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4/8/2005 6:28 pm

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A Smurfy Night Revised

One Friday night in Smurf village, Handy Smurf came stumbling out of the Smurf berry bar drunk off his ass. He stumbled about going to and fro looking for a place to sit on the ground. All of a sudden Smurfette came out of the shadows. “Hi big boy, looking for some action?” she asked.

She was on the clock that night, to make money. Smurfette was a young, vibrant little female Smurf and whatever Smurfette wanted, Smurfette got including male Smurfs. The whole village had nothing but male Smurfs and Smurfette was in the business to please them, as she was the only female Smurf around. Smurfette said, “Here, let me help you to my place where we can Smurf for a while.”
“Smurf thing Hic, Smurfy Smurf Hic.” Replied Handy Smurf.

Smurfette led Handy Smurf to her Smurf house and seduced him. “You look like you could use a good Smurf tonight. Maybe Smurf some of that Smurf beery juice off.” Smurfette said in her most sexy voice. She wore a tight white dress with only a thong underneath. Her dress was so tight that you could see her tits and make out her thong underneath. She always knew how to say and do the right things. She took off Handy’s hat and then helped him out of his Smurf overalls revealing a Smurfy, blue, hard, 9” cock just waiting to get used. Smurfette took off her clothes and laid them out for the next night, but she left her thong on. She let Hefty fondle her hard, blue, erect titts until she started to cum. Her blonde, tight pussy getting wetter and wetter by the moment. She then slid a Smurfy finger in and out of her surprisingly pink cunt.

“Oh yes, you know how to handle small things, let’s see you handle big things.” She said.
“I’ll hic Smurf you right up you hic itch.” Hand Smurf replied as best he could considering her was intoxicated.

Smurfette’s crotch of her thong was so wet from her juices that she slipped them off. By now Smurfette was standing before Handy Smurf naked and ready for him. Handy Smurf, upon seeing her getting undress, undressed himself however clumsily. It took a while but Handy took off his overalls revealing how wet they were from his pre-cum.

“Oh, I guess your ready for little ole me.” Smurfette said.
“You bet hick bitch.” Handy replied.

All of Smurfette’s juices dripping from her hot Smurfy, blonde muff. Dripping down into her pubic hair, down her thigh, to her foot and on to the floor.
“Oh Handy, I’ve made a mess on the floor, I’ve been a bad Smurf.” Smurfette teased. She didn’t waste any time and quickly went to work.
“And what hic should I do about it?” Handy asked.
“You should spank me, tee-hee.” Smurfette answered.
“I don’t hic spank you hic.” Handy said and got all hands on.

Smurfette got tired of this and decided the time for foreplay was over. In Handy’s lap Smurfette saw his long, blue 9” cock. So Smurfette got down on her knees and kissed his dick from the tip to his Smurfy blue balls. She sucked first one ball at a time and then sucked them both in her mouth. The feeling in Handy was so great that he came. All of his jisim shooting out of his hard on and all over her face. She licked and cleaned up whatever was left on Handy’s dick and then started taking all 9”. It was said that Smurfette could take any size penis. So she sucked. She sucked and sucked and sucked. Smurfette sucked Handy’s entire Smurfy penis down her throat.
“Ooooohhhhh, hic!” Handy exclaimed as he climaxed.
“Mmmmmmm….” Smurfette said.

Finally, Handy Smurf came again and this time Smurfette was wasting no time. She sucked and drank all his cum. Now, all Smurfette wanted was Handy inside of her. She needed to get his Smurfy pecker to full size again. Smurfette started masturbating Handy’s dick until it stood up straight.
“You are a great Smurf, you need to Smurf me now.” Smurfette said in her most sultry voice.
“Oh Smurf yea.” Handy replied.

Smurfette got on top of Handy and slid down his blue, hard, wet Smurfy cock to the point where she almost took in his balls. Smurfette bucked hard up and down, up and down, up and down in a dizzying array of Ooooos and Ahhhhhs. Handy Smurf’s hard Smurfy dick slipped in and out of Smurfette’s tight, wet, pink slut hole.
Both bodies slapped each other. Smurfette bit her lower lip so hard she drew blood. Handy slamming hard into Smurfette. Smurfette screaming as she drew her finger nails across Handy’s back drawing his blood. Their sweat flying all around. Handy Smurf’s dick felt so good in her hot, Smurfy cunt, with all her juices and muscle contractions squeezing his cock all around. Their bodies timed to their shaking, their sweating, their moaning and groaning all in unison until they can’t take it anymore.

Finally, they orgasm together. Handy Smurf’s dick sliding out of Smurfette’s cunt. And together as they calm down from a pure sexual high, they cuddle.

Hope this one is a better version of the first.

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