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7/25/2006 2:51 am

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Well, it's getting along about the time I should add a new post to my blog, but honestly I don't know what to talk about. I have been having an invigorating discussion here on my blog with a couple of interested parties about my skeptical views on the paranormal (thanks to you two ladies, by the way, for providing me some intellectual challenge, I am enjoying it) and that has basically been taking up my blog time and thinking.

I would love for other people to join the discussion or just ask questions...please feel free. Also, I have some recommendations of you are interested in the subject. Penn & Teller's "Bullshit" is a great Showtime series which seeks the truth about all kinds of subjects, not just paranormal but challenging the conventional wisdom on things like bottled water, secondhand smoke, and circumcision. It's great stuff.

Also, check out any book written by James Randi or Joe Nickell, both great investigators into the paranormal. Look them up in your local library. Joe Nickell probably has the more recent authorships.

OH! And unrelated to that subject, I saw Clerks II on Friday. It was HILARIOUS. I loved it. If you are at all a Kevin Smith fan you should see this movie. It is a sad tragic comment on our society that a film like "Little Man", which has got to be the stupidest premise (and worst previews) I have ever seen in my life (worse than "White Chicks", and that was bad) comes in ahead of Clerks II at the weekend box office.

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7/25/2006 10:12 am

I often wonder, as yet another Wayans brothers movie opens, if these are the only Black people in Hollywood who can get movie deals. Their films are always offensive, written to the lowest common demonitor and just plan stupid. I don't find them funny. The second popular movie dud is M.Night Shamalan. This guy had one interesting concept which he parlayed into great contracts or I should say his representation parlayed into great studio contracts and he hasn't produced anything equally original since. The Village concept seemed to be born out of a night of drinking and dope smoking, an idea that sounded brilliant under the influence but hardly stood the test of daylight and sobriety. Last good movie I saw in a theater can't remember. Last good DVD movie Syriana and The Matador.

UdderPuttyBiped replies on 7/26/2006 1:02 am:
I agree with you for the most part...I don't mind dumb humour sometimes but the Wayans brothers movies have been reaching all time lows recently. "Little Man" seems like an idea they got watching old Bugs Bunny cartoons, and doesn't look the least bit funny.

M. Night Shymalan...I haven't seen "Lady" yet so I will reserve judgement. I actually like "Unbreakable" the best of any of his films, though it did the least box office. I actually disliked "Signs" worse than "The Village". Both premises were kind of dumb, but the idea of an advanced race of aliens travelling light years in starships but unable to grasp the concept of clothing, weapons, or doorknobs just irritated me. I will say that Shymalan does do a very good job of developing his characters...he's a good writer even if his plots are weak sometimes. I would actually like to have the ability to put as much depth to my characters as he can.

BaronessK 52F

7/25/2006 10:36 pm

I'm getting around to typing that event out for ya, but the blog got hit and I do a reply for each and every {and funintheday did 3 blogs on me!}.

I am a huge Kevin Smith 'fan', didn't know the movie was out, will definitely go see it {and I rarely go to theaters, instead waiting for the dvd}.

UdderPuttyBiped replies on 7/26/2006 1:05 am:
Yes, it came out this past weekend, bring all your friends! Hopefully word of mouth will improve the business for the film. I actually plan on seeing it again myself. Kevin Smith is someone I envy for being able to tell any story interestingly and humorously.

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