BP Refinery Explosion  

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7/29/2005 4:09 am

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BP Refinery Explosion

So I'm watching one of my favorite TV shows when there is a commercial break. The commercial advertises BP gasoline and what the company is doing for the environment - "We voluntarily exceeded EPA emission standards for gasoline 6 years before the requirements were mandated..."

Well bravo to you BP (or are you going to change your name back to Amoco). The only problem is, you are killing people. Today, you had your second refinery explosion in Texas City within 3 months. Between the two accidents, 17 have died and another 170 injured.

Meanwhile, as the fire was still burning and 5 fire crews from 5 different districts were trying to put the blaze out, the BP spokesman said that the two accidents were unrelated. (How in the hell would he know).

At first I thought I might have been a little harsh on BP, but after doing some research, I discovered that they had another explosion about 15 months ago at the same location.

But hey, it all okay because your gasoline is so very clean and good for the environment. The hell with several explosions; who cares about the workers you have killed; injured people recover - for the most part; and causing an air pollution alert for several miles because of the burning compounds - all of this is just a necessary evil in order to exceed those all important profit margins. Oh, did I say profit margins? I meant to say the EPA standards - honest mistake, trust me!

BP, job well done - again!

AtomicTwat 58M/50F

7/15/2007 3:56 pm

Too bad this artile received such little attention - it is so well written.

But that's not why I stopped by.


A Twat

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