You Like Me!...You Really Like Me!  

AtomicArtist0 45M
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3/22/2006 9:17 pm

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7/30/2006 8:41 pm

You Like Me!...You Really Like Me!

Its nice to leave Blogland for a few days and come back with sore abs, scratch marks on your back , teeth marks in your bicep and as Blogland’s funniest male. I can figure out why my abs are hurtin’ and why I have claw marks down my back but I’m not too sure about the teeth marks on the ol’ bicep. Its possible I’ve done that to myself. You know how it is…you catch a glimpse of your “guns” in the mirror and you can’t resist having just a little taste. Happens all the time. As for winning Blogland’s funniest male, even though I’m several days too late, I guess a good acceptance speech is in order. So here goes.

First and foremost, I’d like to thank [blog citizen_five] for running the Blogmies Awards and for giving us recognition and validation for what we enjoy doing. Running the show and counting all the votes was assuredly a difficult task that you had pulled off with utmost patience and integrity. I’m proud to be a part of winning this great distinction and am glad to be a part of your opportunity to comment whore like a son of a bitch.

I’d also like to congratulate you and the other distinguished members of the Blogging Hall Of Fame, that being tillerbabe,travelingintexas, [blog saintlianna] expatbrit49,[blog sj365] and [blog mzhunyhole] mzhunyhole. You all set the standards for blogging as an example for all of us to follow and if it weren’t for you guys, I’d have no one to pick on. AWWWW SNAP! No You Didn’t! Girlfriend!

I’m also very proud to be voted alongside [blog CoffeeNoCream] who has been voted the funniest blogging female. We have a lot in common, she and I. According to the voters, we are both very funny individuals and we both enjoy coffee. She likes hers without cream and I take my coffee like I take my women…alone and in front of the computer.

Speaking of which, I definitely don’t want to thank my mother for this as she doesn’t know I’m a member of this fine community. Unless she happens to be HornyMILF69 whom I was chatting with the other night. If that’s the case, with everything I said and done on cam, I pretty much have to relocate and fake my own death. Again.

I’ll thank God I was wearing a gimp mask at the time, but I won’t thank Him or Jesus for this award because that would just be weird…although I did hear his name yelled loudly in the middle of the night over the past few days. Oh, yes! Daddy likes!

All kidding aside, though, I really want to thank all of my steady and occasional readers and commenters.. I wouldn’t have this honor without you and you keep me coming back for more time and time again. You’re all sexy, smart, funny, kind and inspirational people and frankly, it is all of you I think of when I write this blog. I thank each and every one of you and in alphabetical order and not order of love, you are: angelofmercy5, [blog AnOddGirl] [blog art_persists] BigGirlzRSweet, caressmewell, catseyes23, [blog cockmerollme]craptoast, [blog DaphneR] DIVISION77, [blog Dysgyzed] ediesedgewick, GoddessOfTheDawn,[blog havenbliss havenbliss, [blog HOTNBOTHERED0414][blog hotnsultrybbw] KC_JJ, LadytoPleaseYou, Looking4sex44240, LustyTaurus, mangomamiCT, MissAnnThrope, mm0206, MrNuttz05, [blog mzhunyhole]oldman1776,papyrina, PrincessKarma, skyking412004, saddletrampsk, [blog Safira] [blog sailorcouple]silhouette2005, southrnpeach333, spinmedown, [blog SusieQ27] TheBtchIsHere122,tipadee,transblucency, TTigerAtty,Vick_Demise.
If I missed you, it was either by accident or you visit me only occasionally. Your support is still greatly appreciated and I dedicate this award to all of you. Thank you all.

Vick_Demise 44M
2431 posts
3/23/2006 2:48 am

Congrats dude, and don't you fuckin' tag me... seriously

Best wishes and much respect. I think you really deserved the honor and I am proud to think of you as one of my friends.

You can shine your shoes and wear a suit
You can comb your hair and look quite cute
You can hide your face behind a smile
One thing you can't hide
Is when you're crippled inside

AtomicArtist0 replies on 3/25/2006 1:31 pm:
and I'm proud to think of you as my friend...thats why I tagged you anyway. thank you for everything.

libgemOH 56M/52F

3/23/2006 3:43 am

Congrats to you! -B

AtomicArtist0 replies on 3/25/2006 1:32 pm:
thank you

ediesedgewick 57F

3/23/2006 3:59 am

God--that must have took some time putting us all in alphabetical order like that. How sweet.

Congratulations Atomic--you are the funniest. I'm glad you love writing as much as I love reading you--don't ever stop baby!

AtomicArtist0 replies on 3/25/2006 1:34 pm:
sometimes a man's mind can work impossible miracles. getting all his frequent readers in alphabetical order is one of them.

thank you for reading my work and thank you for being a friend.

southrnpeach333 50F

3/23/2006 6:52 am

Congrats!! I couldn't have happened to a nicer, ur, well, um, ok, at least funnier guy!!!

AtomicArtist0 replies on 3/25/2006 1:38 pm:
you're right...if it happened to a funnier guy, he would have won it. you know, from my blog, people are actually quite surprised at how nice I am in real life. You wouldn't that that from what a crass asshole I am on my blog. I'm really very quiet and sweet.thank you.

TzarsAmuseChant 41M
2854 posts
3/23/2006 7:13 am

It was a pleasure and an honor to run these awards. Congratulations, my friend!

AtomicArtist0 replies on 3/25/2006 1:43 pm:
thanks for running this for us. As crass as I am, I really do appreciate it. And getting back to crass...what new benifits can I enjoy now that I'm Blogland's funniest male? Can I cut in line at Wal-Mart or get 10% off at any participating Red Lobster if I show them my award statue? I'd like to know.


3/23/2006 9:36 am


AtomicArtist0 replies on 3/25/2006 1:46 pm:
thanks. if ya ever get back on IM ya can have more than a pic

_Safira 53F
11260 posts
3/23/2006 9:46 am

So well-deserved (scratch marks and all)! /

This is my blog - Comes With Warning Labels. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

RECOMMENDED READING: A F F ... The Only Site For Me?

AtomicArtist0 replies on 3/25/2006 1:47 pm:
aw thanks. I did enjoy my celebratory scratch marks.

skyking412004 53M
5363 posts
3/23/2006 9:53 am

_____Huh? Oh. You won funniest male? (That's not to look at, is it?) Congratulations you old fart. I know...I'm older, but you're still old. Can I borrow your crown to impress the ladies some time? I promise to polish it before I return it to you.

AtomicArtist0 replies on 3/25/2006 1:48 pm:
yes, you may borrow my crown to impress the ladies. just ask for it at any burger king and they will give it to ya.

saddletrampsk 54F

3/23/2006 10:03 am rock..
And are ya bragging or complaining about your injuries..
Oh and by the way...
You've been tagged see my post [post 281748]

You must now list 6 weird things about you and then "tag" 6 other bloggers so they can do the same..

AtomicArtist0 replies on 3/25/2006 1:51 pm:
thank you. and thank you for thinking of tagging me. I had fun with that.

Vick_Demise 44M
2431 posts
3/23/2006 11:58 am

LOL Saddle, you phantom tagaliciousness, you didn't read that BrotherAtomic was tagged hours ago... He was one of the first to be afflicted. This is my dis... for your tagging me sweetie

P.S. If I ever get to the great white whatever, I get to tag you back right Saddle? Saddle? Hello! where'd she go?

You can shine your shoes and wear a suit
You can comb your hair and look quite cute
You can hide your face behind a smile
One thing you can't hide
Is when you're crippled inside

AtomicArtist0 replies on 3/25/2006 1:54 pm:
there is a lesson in all this tagging somewhere. I think it has to do with if trav sleeps with six people, then they sleep with six people, next thing you know everyone is afflicted with some obnoxious desiese.

rm_art_persists 51M
1789 posts
3/23/2006 2:09 pm

Atomic: your humor inspires me. Thank you for recognizing me as a compatriot.

AtomicArtist0 replies on 3/25/2006 1:55 pm:
no...thank YOU!

TTigerAtty 62M

3/23/2006 3:14 pm

Congrats A-Bomb! You are now in the company of other great comedians like Skelton, Fields, Benney, Newhart, Cosby, Carlin and Romano. All of these famous comedians are past recipients of the prestigious AdultFriendFinder Funniest Male Blogmie Award. They have all used blogging as a springboard from which to launch their careers. We're all pulling for you! And when you make it really big, please remember your friends here in Blogville!

AtomicArtist0 replies on 3/25/2006 1:58 pm:
those are some veeery interesting links there. well, that settles it, then. If those guys got their start as Blogland's funniest males, then I'm bound for greatness! And I won't forget my friends. Not even the little people who can't afford Porches.

demonicsexkitten 41F
10671 posts
3/23/2006 3:15 pm

I came all the way here to tag you, and somebody beat me to it... twice. I wonder, if i tag you again, if that will make you the most tagged blogger? hmmmmmmmmm...

well, what the hell here goes... "TAG!! You're it (again)" demonicsexkitten (i'm still in process of writing my post so can't link to it directly yet. but by this point you already know alllllll about it).

If you want to pretent i didn't tag you, that's ok too i'll tag 7 ppl just in case.


AtomicArtist0 replies on 3/25/2006 2:00 pm:
all the way out here to tag me? no, you're not that far. Wait! You're NOT that far! wow!

MissAnnThrope 56F
11488 posts
3/23/2006 3:33 pm

Congratulations! It was a well deserved award.

AtomicArtist0 replies on 3/25/2006 2:02 pm:
thank you...and congrats to you as well. You're award was well deserved. that we're both winners does that mean I can flirt with you without fear of you kicking me in the nuts?

mm0206 68F
7767 posts
3/23/2006 5:22 pm

baby you deserve more than that... so you compensate a bit....

I have this for you....

Tagged Kitties! Don't forget to Spay and Neuter!

hugs a bunch

AtomicArtist0 replies on 3/25/2006 2:04 pm:
ahhhh...thank you, dear. I did deserved to get tagged.

skyking412004 53M
5363 posts
3/23/2006 10:33 pm

_____Hey, Mr. Artist, please be a dear and don't forget me on the twenty seventh. Thanks, you muscled monstrosity.

AtomicArtist0 replies on 3/25/2006 2:11 pm:
27th? what is it? your birthday or something? Show some tits and I'll consider it. On second thought, judging from that fir coat I can see under your pirate shirt, ya better not.

Looking4sex44240 54F

3/24/2006 12:11 am


AtomicArtist0 replies on 3/25/2006 2:12 pm:
thanks...your best too

caressmewell 53F

3/24/2006 2:44 pm

Congratulations deserved this award

AtomicArtist0 replies on 3/25/2006 2:14 pm:
thank you dear. and your award is well deserved. we're both winners! so...wanna make out?

LustyTaurus 48M  
21253 posts
3/24/2006 9:56 pm

What can i're a funny guy...and sick and twisted, which is also funny to me b/c I'm also sick and twisted.



AtomicArtist0 replies on 3/25/2006 2:16 pm:
thank you...sick and twisted is quite fun, isn't it?

GoddessOfTheDawn 105F
11238 posts
3/25/2006 12:21 am

~hugz~ you deserve it ....

AtomicArtist0 replies on 3/25/2006 2:16 pm:
awwww...thank you, dear

southrnpeach333 50F

3/25/2006 2:15 pm

AH HA, I always knew you were really a nice guy. There is not better combination than nice and funny.

AtomicArtist0 replies on 3/25/2006 2:19 pm:
thank you dear...but you know...being a crass jerk is a fun release sometimes from being the caring, loving, generous, sexy nice guy. Yep, thats me.

tillerbabe 55F

3/25/2006 7:41 pm

I never visit you...I didn't vote for you.. I know where you live!!! LOL!
No really....CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

AtomicArtist0 replies on 3/25/2006 9:07 pm:
you never visit me, you didn't vote for me but you know where I live. Um...ok. Wanna arm wrestle?

PrincessKarma 43F
6188 posts
3/26/2006 9:27 pm

Thanks for the mention. You definitely deserve that award.

The Big Bang was the mother of all orgasms.PrincessKarma

AtomicArtist0 replies on 3/28/2006 1:36 pm:
thank you, sweetie


3/27/2006 10:40 pm

Well ya know, I will turn my cam back on once I get back to normal! Ya know the face is kinda swollen and a few bruises. Ya can't see me like that! But wait..... Thats not what you were lookin at was it?

AtomicArtist0 replies on 3/28/2006 1:38 pm:
hmmmm...looks like I have something to look forward to, then. I'll be here in rare form in front of my own cam

rm_AnOddGirl 57F
3469 posts
3/27/2006 11:23 pm

Hey when your busy getting busy, I know when NOT to tag!


AtomicArtist0 replies on 3/28/2006 1:39 pm:
yeah...its funny cuz its true

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