Out of My Blogland Coma  

AtomicArtist0 45M
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11/28/2005 7:53 pm

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Out of My Blogland Coma

After almost two weeks since my last post, I've come back on just briefly to say its not time to remove me from your watched list just yet. Activities in the real world have taken me away from my computer and onto the living room floor...hmmmm, that sounds weird, but not as demented as you may think.

The first is coming and that means its almost time for another installment of my infamous crass horoscopes. Boy, oh boy do I have some nasty ones written down for all you dirty pervs out there...so as always, tell your friends, tell your enemies...heck, tell the submissive gimp you got locked in your trunk...cuz, you know...they could use a good laugh. For all my old friends in the know and for any newbies...if you comment on the horoscope post, you get a personalized crass reading just for you.
Yup, Atomics got mad skillz, bitches.

I had a great thanksgiving. How about you?

AtomicArtist0 45M
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11/29/2005 6:39 pm

I've got plans for Triumph...but maybe later. Sorry to hear your turkey day was boring. I'm glad to be back.

rm_sj365 55F
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12/1/2005 9:52 pm

i followed that nosey chick Sil over here.
I agree with her..inquiring minds wanna know...

AtomicArtist0 45M
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12/2/2005 12:40 pm

ok, ok...keep your pants off! For all of you enquiring as to what I've been doing on the living room floor, its this: I was in a build competition with some other dorks. The competition: to build any emergency vehicle and probably hod rod it out. What I built: A 1954 Harly police bike with knucklehead motor and sidecar. The building material we used: lego.

Yep...thats right, I'm a lego nut. Ok, I said it, you happy now?

Actually, its a pretty cool thing to be into. So don't tell the lego community what I've built...its a major secret. And yes, you can achieve anything in lego...even a knucklehead motor, but hopefully I will remain the only one in the world to ever attempt it.

Also, I had an old friend over for thanksgiving but she had nothing to do with the living room floor.

ArgosPlumyKooky 45F
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12/2/2005 8:07 pm

it was better than expected even though i was forced out of my shell. ugh. at least it wasn't at my house. i am not a big fan of holidays. snatch

AtomicArtist0 45M
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12/3/2005 3:54 pm

can anybody not see December's crass horoscopes? I've heard that a few of you can't see them or are having trouble posting comments. But some of you were able to comment. A lot of weird stuff is happening around here. Let me know if you don't see the horoscope and are having trouble and I will try to re-post.

PrincessKarma 43F
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12/3/2005 4:33 pm

I saw it, but now it's not showing up... maybe if I link to it from my comments page... I'll tell you if it works, ok?

The Big Bang was the mother of all orgasms.PrincessKarma

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