Ecclectic Genius or Dumbass Loser...You Decide  

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8/19/2005 11:52 pm

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Ecclectic Genius or Dumbass Loser...You Decide

I've decided to create a blog entry based on my current Netflix list with commentary on each movie on my list. Why, you ask? So that you may know just a little something about what makes me tick...or at least know what I watch when I'm not doing anything else. With my choices, sometimes its hard to invite friends over for movie night. So,stroke my ego or call me a pathetic freak...either way, I will still remain pantless.

Cannibal HolocaustThey say this one contains the most depraved images ever put on film. So...who wants cianti with that liver?

MST3K: Teenagers From Outer Space This is Mystery Science know, that show where those guys watch bad movies and crack jokes through the whole thing. Its good with a bunch of geeky friends and best watched while drunk.

Shrek 2 I only have this one on the list because I heard Tom Waits plays a drunken, gravelly voiced pirate character who sings a dark and dirty number...kinda like in real life.

Hot Rod GirlTeenage terrorists on a speed crazed rampage fueled by sex, drugs, and fast cars. I'm sure Kieth Richards has had weekends like that.

Secret WindowJohhy Depp in glasses pretending to be a writer with a stalker. Ah...looks like Stephen King is up to his usual gig...writing unoriginal scripts about himself.

The Simpsons: Season 5isk1-5Come on, now...who wouldn't like five disks of the Simpsons in a row? You know all y'all Simpsons freaks want a piece of this. So, come on over...I'll microwave the popcorn.

The Forgottenum...I kinda forgot what this one was about. Silly me.

MST3K: Prince of SpaceA badly dubbed Japanese sci-fi flick where Japan is being attacked by chicken-like aliens. Thats the kind of things I daydream about while shampooing my hair. Who hasn't wanted to attack Japan?

Jungle HolocaustA creepy jungle locale with maximum gore and minimal plot with a dash of nudity thrown in for good measure. I can't believe this didn't win an Oscar.

Batman and Robin They say this one is the worst of all the Batman movies and the only one I haven't seen yet. Maybe I'll watch this in a gimp outfit just for kicks.

Too Hot For Troma's Edge TV From the makers of the Toxic Avenger and that Samauri cop. This was deemed demented, depraved and too hot for censors. Just like mom in hot pants.

The Life Aquatic ok...amongst all the movies with depraved, holocaust, and cannibal in their titles, even I am sometimes capable of renting a movie thats a new blockbuster hit. Still, I'll probably watch this one while giving myself a Jack Daniels enema. Wanna see that on cam?

Dark DaysA gritty documentary about homeless folks who live deep underground in abandoned New York City sewers and tunnels. I'm very tempted to race this one to the top of my list. I'm also very tempted to show up to work in a Chewbacca mask.

The Lifestyle: Swinging in AmericaThe reviews say that most swingers are tired,heavy-lidded boozers with smokey voices and failed marriages. Is that right?

MST3K: The Killer ShrewsHow can you go wrong with a title like that? Plus, they crack jokes throughout the entire movie...I bet you all are wishing you are me right about now. Right?

American PimpA disquieting documentary on urban pimp culture with uncanny interviews, survailence film footage and clips from 70's blaxsploitation films. This movie is green for the money and gold for the honnies...sho' enough.

Beware! The Blob There is just something so primally scary about a killer goop from outer space that can ooze down a bowling alley or attack from within your toilet. I've had colds like that.

The Garbage Pail Kids MovieYep...they made a movie based on that sickly weird 80's craze...but enough about Boy George.

Cannibal Women and the Avacado Jungle of DeathI typed in keyword; Avacado, and this is what came up...really. I wasn't looking for another exploitive cannibal movie with sex, nudity, and ritualistic devouring of body parts. Really. I was looking for a nice movie or something.

The Serpent and the RainbowA harrowing tale about the truths of voodoo and how complex poisons can turn unsuspecting folks into real zombies. Whats this green powder? It tastes kinda funny. Should my tongue swell up like that? oh, boy.

Eraserhead A dark and depressing David Lynch movie about a guy with think. Hmmmm...I probably won't understand it, but I won't tell anyone that. I'm an ecclectic genius after all. Or am I a dumbass loser? I can't keep track. Maybe you can. Maybe I'll swallow my own fist.

havenbliss 43F

8/21/2005 5:37 pm

Take Life Aquatic of fyour list, I have it on mine. Why don't we watch it together...I will bring my water lube.

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