My car is Dead!  

AtlanticSkyGirl 38F
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6/22/2006 3:22 pm
My car is Dead!

I was so happy to get my car fixed so I could drive it.It was only running for 1 day and a dumpster truck hit me and smashed it up.
He really hit me hard and he made the telephone poll lean over a little bit.
Then the fire dept came and chopped the door open so I could get out.It's pretty well destroyed.
Then I had to go get X-rayed (Nothing broken).
I'm a little sore and I don't want to have to ride my bike to work but,I'll be stuck until I get this all settled.
I just wish he would have been paying attention to his driving.I liked my car.
My luck hasn't been too good lately.

fingerlickin_69 42M

6/22/2006 10:56 pm

Well, Sky, have you tried to consider this silver lining? If the truck was at fault, those companies will almost always payout for damages to avoid a lawsuit. You will probably even get more than the car was worth in the first place!

(I will charge you only a 75% recovery rate, 15% lower than usual, for this information and j/k)

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