some fun tonight, maybe??  

AthleticHotty00 32M
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2/19/2005 9:23 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

some fun tonight, maybe??

I hate knowing flaky people, two girls I know, well one in specific are really flaky. This one girl said that she wanted to get me involved in a threesome, like 2 girls one guy. Pretty much ever guys dream, or a least most of them. Only problem with it is that a lot of the time we are going to do something together she flakes out. And it's not like she's trying to avoid me cause when we do get together (which is normal for a short period of time cause were both busy) she always want to hang out more. So oh well we're should be hanging out tonight but only time will tell, maybe someone can tell me what they think.

NiceGuy4You1 32M
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2/20/2005 12:40 pm

2 guys 1 girl is definatly awesome, but with flaky poeple sometimes just stop trying to meet them and they'll start being more relible

NeedYourPussy5 33M
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2/20/2005 12:42 pm

hey man if she keeps on flaking out then at a piont you just have to stop trying

HereForYou802 33M

2/20/2005 12:44 pm

ya flaky people suck

FemNeedFuck 32F
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2/20/2005 12:46 pm

you'll have to tell us how it goes

AthleticHotty00 32M

2/23/2005 10:08 am

yeah things didn't go so well if you were wondering

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