Returning to AFF, intrigued if not excited  

AthenasNymph 30F
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6/13/2005 8:53 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Returning to AFF, intrigued if not excited

I had an account before, but didn't like it before. After some re-thinking, I realized that my sexual needs are not something that I can ignore or overlook, so I started a new one! (I deleted the old one)

Today, I had some fun while my girlfriend is at work. For the next two days, she will be gone for three hours every morning and I NEEDED to have some time too... well, she has been reluctant sexually and I needed some loving.

I was reading a book and I was playing around with a set of pantyhose, tying them around my breasts and nipples, pulling at my thighs. Then I looped it and tied it, so it made this "X" over my clit. I got to thinking and grabbed my vibrator out of curiousity. So I find that it does fit in the X, pushing against my clit and even juicy-ly pushing into my cunt when I moved my hips. That felt so good.

So I was reading, the vibrator turned on, the fabric holding my breasts in and I was just writhing, naked, on my bed. The fan was blowing and it just felt so nice!

Eventually, I flipped over and was grinding a little on the bed--let me tell you, that was a great idea--and the vibrator pushed in and out of me while I moved! I will be keeping those panty hose. It'll remind me of my high school history teacher, anyway, and that makes me hott as anything.

Needless to say, I stopped reading the book and pulled the pantyhose really tight so they bit at my lips and pinched me and came on on my bed. I need a new blankie!!!

I kept thiking how great it would be to hook up with someone while she is at work. Has anyone every done this before? Had their partner know about it and had encounters with others while they are out? That would be so great.

rm_4nik8_4u 61M
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6/13/2005 1:42 pm

So THAT'S what they mean by "X" marks the spot!!!

purejoy4fem 46F/44F
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6/13/2005 3:22 pm

Welcome back to AdultFriendFinder, and welcome to blogland. You will probably enjoy this stay more than your last one

AthenasNymph 30F

6/13/2005 4:26 pm

It does, 4nik8! *laughs* Now, if I can just get my gf to have some fun tonight, it'll be a sweet day!

purejoy4fem, I hope so. Too much talk here, not enough action, if you get me! *laughs* cybering is fun, but I'll be on the prowl!

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