Part 1 - Mark's Place  

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Part 1 - Mark's Place

Keywords: M/M/group, bondage, discipline, shaving
Warning: sexual content follows so don't read further if your easily offended.

Screwbedo (that's his online name) had been chatting on the net had arranged to meet at Mark's place. He arrived and introduced himself as Spike and Mark asked if he would like to go for a spa and couple of drinks. Spike thought ok that sounded like fun and agreed. Mark showed Spike the rather large spa and said strip off and hop in while I get some sparkling wine to drink. A few minutes later Mark returned naked with the drinks. Mark gave Spike one of the drinks and slipped into the spa. The conversation continued and Spike told Mark he had a fantasy being tied up with a group of guys taking turns having sex with him. It had been about 15 minutes their drinks were almost finished Mark had been talking and Spike now felt it getting harder to focus on Mark's voice. A few minutes later Spike was half passed out, his eyes open but unable to focus. Mark smiled and called out to Rob who was waiting in the spare room for the signal. Rob came out to the spa with several razors, shaving cream, and waxing kit.

They both lifted Spike out of the spa to the ground and started taking some "before" pics with the digital camera. While the dazed Spike just tried to focus on what was happening.

They began methodically removing all the hair from Spikes neck to feet.
Spike vaguely aware of a touching and tingling everywhere, of being rolled over, and of legs / arms being lifted. His 7 inch uncut cock was raging hard aroused from the intimate shaving. After some more "after" pics he was lifted and carried him to their Garage.

The Garage had been converted into a playroom with a leather sling in the middle. They dried of Spike and lifted him into the sling then put his feet in restraints and hooked them to the stirrups of the swing's cables. After putting a collar on Spike's neck the wrist restraints were attached with small chains.

... to be continued.

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