The Perfect Morning  

AslanTheLion1 53M
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4/24/2005 6:24 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

The Perfect Morning

Well,it's a beautiful Sunday morning here in Baltimore,there's a slight chill in the air making it crisp and the wind is blowing gently...a perfect day for a quiet breakfast after a night of great sex....but since I didn't have sex last night and my fridge is empty,I guess I'll head out to the International House of Pancakes...have a great day everyone!

nightstogether 56M

4/24/2005 7:28 am

Tell me, out of pure interest, being an *international* house of pancakes, does this café have specialities from around the world, or is it just a name?

private-intellectual (.de)

sexy27m4u2have 39M

4/24/2005 9:41 am

I didn't have great sex either or sex at all and my kitchen is not quite done being remodeled so I have to choice but to go to IHOP

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