okay weekend, nice day  

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8/9/2005 12:15 am

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okay weekend, nice day

well! here i am again... it's been a rather eventful day... i met someone from here for lunch and had a nice time and some nice conversation. ::smiles:: I'm going to be working my tail off for the next few months to try and get an apartment... so it's six day weeks for this chicky for a while. ::sighs:: things have been doing okay... i was going through my scrapbooking stuff on saterday... i came across a bunch of pictures of my ex-husbands kids.. ::sighs:: and boy did it hit me like a ton of bricks in the stomach... I helped raise them for the 3 years i was with him.. and for a while after i left i was okay.. and then i realized what i'll be missing over the next however many odd years... well, it hit me kinda hard... so i cried for a while and went down to a place called the outpost on rt. 539 in the creamridge/new egypt area...NJ. Had a few drinks listened to a band by the name of Bullseye... and then went home. had a decent time i guess. ::shrugs:: if I could have gotten a hold of some friends it would have been better. but most of my friends don't dig country music as much as i do... ::grins sheapishly:: out of all the kinds of music i listen to, country music is the closest to my heart.

well ::yawns:: i must go to sleep... have a wonderful day/night/morning.....


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