I night to remember!!!  

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4/7/2006 12:38 am

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I night to remember!!!

You instructed me that today you had a special surprise for me and wanted me to shave, shower, and put my sluttish outfit on. When I asked what the surprise was, you said it would not be a surprise now would it if I told you. I gave you the best poutiest look I could, but to no avail, it was not working on you, you patted me on the backside and said you have 2 hours before the evening starts, I expect you ready on time. By now my mind was racing to some of the things we had discussed in the past that we may do for each other and now I was getting more than a little excited, not to mention wet.

I headed off to the bathroom where I drew a bath and decided to add bubbles and soak for awhile, the aroma now filled the room and I started to relax in the bubbles, drifting off to sleep I heard a light tapping on the door and your voice saying you have 40 minutes in which to be ready, Damn I had fallen asleep and panic now took over as I wanted to look and feel my best for what ever you had arranged for us. Quickly I shaved, making sure I was as smooth as could be ,turning the shower on feeling the water beating down on me as I washed my long hair and finished up with rinsing my body, I had wanted to play while in there, but no time now for that.

I rubbed my body down with moisturizer, running my hands slowly over my breasts, my nipples responding almost immediately to my touch, a flutter running down to my stomach, oh I wanted to play I was so excited at all the possibilities what the evening may bring, foremost in my mind you had invited some young hot girl over for us to play with and the thought of that had me so wet. Looking through my clothes I decided on a lacey black thong, matching bustier to make my breast look perky and over top I would adorn a short black leather skirt, a black corset type halter top, damn those ties took for ever to do up, black fishnet stockings and last but not least were the 4 inch thigh high boots. Clothes all laid out on the bed, there was no time to waste, I needed to do the finishing touches on my hair and makeup. My hair teased wildly, more makeup than I needed, but remembering you wanted me to look slutty for you. I was finishing putting my boots on, when you entered the room again and a smile came across you lips and you said that’s my good little slut just how I wanted you tonight, I felt a little twinge in the pit of stomach, what was it you had planned, we had never talked about bringing a woman over with me dressed up like that, going out yes, but not to stay in and you had not said we were going anywhere. I could smell candles burning and hear music playing out in the living room. You said are you all ready and I nodded sheepishly at you, I think so I said and you came forward, spun me around and said one last finishing touch before we leave the bedroom and your adventure begins, from that moment everything went dark and I was only left with my senses.

You took me by my hand and led me down the corridor, I was so nervous, I hadn’t thought I was going to be this nervous but not being able to see what was about to come made me so apprehensive. I think you could feel me shaking by now as we came to the end of the corridor and I felt your hot breath now on my neck while you whispered into my ear, don’t worry I will be by your side the entire evening. The reassurance was all I needed to know you would never do anything that I would not want to do, so it must be something we had discussed before. Now in our living room and the music sounding louder, I could not hear anything else, but could smell cigar smoke, extremely confused as you did not smoke cigars in the house, except on nights when you played poker with your friends once a week .Guiding me to the center of the living room, the coffee table earlier removed, you and I standing there instead. You came in behind me, slowly kissing my neck, saying I want to introduce you to some people you may already know, and some you may not. Startled that you had said some people, I now wondered who and how many people were actually in our home and how I had not heard them come in. My whole body became tense and I started to shake, what the hell had I let myself be talked into. You sensed how terrified I now was and I felt your arm go around my waist your mouth close to my face and you saying Baby trust me. You faced me towards the dining room saying this is Matt one of the guys I play poker with on Thursday nights, moving me again you pointed me towards the next person, telling me this is Ryan a man I used to work with and also play poker with, my body now being whirled around to the other side of the room, you were now introducing me to Darrren a guy from the gym who also played poker, next was Jeremy a guy from the office and who you played poker with. It just dawned on me that I only knew one of the men as I had never met any of the guys you played poker with, only the one guy from your office, what in gods name were all your poker pals doing in our living and you having me blindfolded and dressed this way. I wanted to bolt, I did not want to be in that room any longer, this was a fantasy of mine to be the center of attention to a room full of men, but never in my wildest dreams when I told you about it did I ever expect you to pull it off, I wanted out of there, wanted you to tell me to wake up, that I was dreaming.

I could now feel your strong hands on my sides, one hand now starting to pull at the ties at the back of my bustier, slowly I could feel it loosen from my ribs as I let out a long breath, I’m sure the whole room could hear me breathing now. Your body was pressed up against mine and was starting to sway to the rhythm of the music, coaching me to move too, following your lead for some reason I became relaxed, slowly moving with the sway of your hips. Leaning my body against yours feeling your strong hard muscles made me feel safe now as I felt the corset being removed, feeling my skirt slowly slide down my thighs, knowing it was now laying at my feet, I was trying to push it away with my foot when I heard a strange voice saying let me help you with that. Picking my foot up and releasing my skirt to this stranger. Standing here now only clad in my under garments and boots knowing all these men were looking at me made me nervous yet excited at the same time. I felt you pull away from me, you must have known that it was okay for you leave me on my own and that I was now somewhat comfortable with my surroundings. A hand was now traveling up my back and I could feel the clasp of my bra being undone, at the same time another set of hands were roaming up my thighs and prodding me to spread my legs a little wider apart, when I felt my boots being unzipped and removed, I had to hold onto to something I thought I was going to topple over, when my hand landed on someone’s head, someone was on their knees in front of me. I was now completely naked for all eyes to see; suddenly I became extremely shy again and wanted to run.

The room smelled of such masculinity it was intoxicating, my head was spinning as if I was drunk but I was drunk with excitement. Hot breath now on my neck, hands caressing my breasts as my nipples stood erect, a tongue was now licking and flicking my hard nipples, tiny kisses all over my neck as I felt another set of hands running across my swollen clit. My body felt as if it had been taken over by hands and tongues, it felt as though every inch of me had not been left unturned. I was so turned on; I wanted to cum right then and there, I could feel a hard cock pushed up against my ass, rubbing the crack of my ass, his body moving with the music. My body was now shaking but not out of fear but out of utter excitement. I had cum already, so fast it seemed but damn it felt so good I didn’t care I was going to be greedy and not hold back, wave after wave of orgasms hit me, tongues lapping up all my juices, when I pushed down to my knees and heard your voice telling me now its your turn to return the favor for what they have given me. I felt my lips being parted by a hard cock as my tongue came out to lick his hard shaft, I could feel a hand in the small of my back until I was on all fours now and without warning a cock thrusting hard into my cunt, it almost made me bite down on the cock that was now in my mouth, trying to regain my composure I now went back to the task at hand of sucking this magnificent cock that was bobbing in and out of my mouth, when again I was taken by surprise I sharp pain went through me, someone had slammed their cock in my ass and I was not ready at all. The pounding from behind me was all that I could take when my hair was being grabbed and pulled away to yet another cock to suck, I wasn’t finished, but now could hear him grunting as the first wave of cum hit my back and face, just as he starting to cum, the cock that so vigorously was fucking my ass now pulled out and was standing above me as he unleashed wad after wad of sperm all over my face and seemed he purposely got it in my hair. I was trying to swallow now as I felt this cock in my mouth explode in the back of my throat, I couldn’t swallow it all, damn he was cumming a lot as his hot creamy cum dribbled out of my mouth and down to my breasts .I was cumming again as the last cock was still pounding my cunt, he pulled out and now stood directly in front of me and told me to suck his manhood, suck it like a good little slut that I was and my mouth was on him just as quickly as he had asked me. But while I was sucking his cock I felt hot cum hitting me in the face again and knew there were 4 guys and you, and now wondered where in all this you had been and which one you had been, no time for thinking as I felt the first spurt of cum run down the back of my throat, I tired to swallow it all this time but had no such luck as a small amount dribble down my chin.

My face now cum covered and sticky, you took me by the hand led me back down the corridor that we had traveled a couple of hours before; leading me into the bathroom turned the shower on and removed my blindfold. Kissing me on the hand guiding me into the shower you said get cleaned up Baby and I will be waiting for you in our bed.

We never spoke another word to each other until the morning when I walked into the kitchen to the smell of coffee and you said come sit and watch, to my surprise you had video taped the whole escapade of the evening before and I now saw where it was exactly you were in all this.

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