" Delivery "  

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" Delivery "

It was a hot summer afternoon and you had gone to lay down for a bit while i got dinner cooked. Someone was knocking on the door and I scooted downstairs as I didn’t want you to wake up. I swung the door open to see a young woman with a parcel in her hand ,she was from Priority Post and asked for me I answered that is me, and she replied please sign here, it was a parcel from B.C ., I smiled wondering who had sent it. She said I’m from B.C. and have been out this way for about 3 months now, so this started us making idle chit chat. I asked if she would like to come up for a cold drink as it was extremely hot outside and i could see the sweat forming on her forehead, she said oh this is my last stop of the day and I have a change of clothes in my truck if you don’t mind me using your washroom, I smiled back and said no problem, just walk in when you get back from your truck.
Once upstairs I decided to check in on you and see if you had woken and when i came into the bedroom you placed your fingers on my lips and motioned for me to ssshhh, smacked me on my ass and sent me on my way. A little puzzled to what this meant when it dawned on me one of my fantasies, and damn my mind was now racing in a million directions and feeling a little bit nervous but excited at the same time. I heard the front door close and saw this woman in a new light now; I motioned for her to take a seat at the dinning room table as i walked into the kitchen, asking her if she would like a cold drink or something a little stronger. I was now sitting across from her, both of us with a glass of wine in hand and we were talking like old lost friends, bringing up places we both had lived or visited, wow a bottle of wine was already finished and I found myself opening another one, I said if you would like you can use the bathroom to change. She wasn’t too long when she was back, she now adorned very, i might say, short shorts and tight halter top, I could see the outline of her perky breasts and have to say she had one hot body.
I excused myself and left the room, upon my return she had slid into my seat and was looking at the computer screen, I had left it on our AdultFriendFinder account and our profile, she asked if this was us and I nodded yes a little shy but the wine had taken affect and I gave her a little grin, she looked across at me a little sheepishly and said I also have a profile on that site, but have been afraid to actually go through with meeting anyone. The talk and mood seemed to change now and we were talking about things of a sexual nature and i told her i was very Bi and she also admitted to me, she was also Bi but it had been awhile since she had been with another woman. I’m not sure if it was the wine, or what we were talking about or the fact I knew you were listening to us from our bedroom that made me do what I did next.
Standing over top of her now, I slowly lowered myself, until my hand was clasping the back of her neck and my lips were now on hers, she smelt so good and her lips felt so soft against mine, my tongue was now probing in and out of her mouth. I could taste the sweet wine and feel the heat of her tongue against mine. This wasn’t a quick kiss but a long, slow passionate kiss, sending shivers up my spine, making a little wet spot in my panties. I was getting so aroused and wondered just how far i could go with her. My mouth now leaving hers to start traveling down her neck, stopping to take my time there, I could feel how relaxed she was and knew it was okay to keep kissing her. Her scent was intoxicating, she tasted so sweet on my lips and her skin felt so soft and sensual on my tongue. My hands were now roaming over her body, stopping to rest on her breasts; I could feel the heat through the thin fabric and feel her nipples becoming erect against my finger tips. Circling her nipples with my fingers, twisting and tweaking them, hearing light little moans escaping her lips this was turning me on as much as it was her. I wanted to feel her hardened nipples on my tongue , I reached around her back undoing her halter top, her breasts now falling freely, my hand covering one as my wanting mouth covered the other breast, my tongue outlining her breast as it made little circles around her nipple, slowly sucking it into my mouth making it even harder. Her breasts were heaving up and down she was a beautiful site sitting there, waiting for me to take her, to seduce her, to have my way with her.
My hand slowly making its way down until I found what i was looking for, I unzipped her shorts and slid quickly inside to feel that she was extremely wet, my fingers running along her swollen pussy, rubbing her clit, feeling her soft wet cunt was too much for me now, I needed and wanted to taste her, wanted to smell just how sweet she was. I kneeled in front of her, placing small kisses up her legs and her thighs as her legs started to part, reaching up now I slid her shorts off she had no panties on to my surprise, as her shorts hit the floor I could smell her sweet pussy, smell just how sweet she was, my tongue sliding on over clit, separated her pussy lips, slipping my tongue into her sweet hole, tasting her sweet nectar, lapping her up and wanting more. Sliding my finger in, gently at first while licking and teasing her clit, my finger probing deeper as her juices flowed, running down her pussy and onto my hand, I inserted 2 more fingers and started fucking her cunt faster now as my tongue still working on her clit, my other hand massaging and pinching her nipples, I could now hear her moans, hear her telling me to lick her, eat her. Excited myself I wanted her to cum, I wanted to taste and feel her cum on my tongue, removing my fingers to be replaced with my tongue, spreading her pussy lips open even wider so I could get my tongue deeper inside that sweet cunt of hers. I was tongue fucking her pussy, and she was pushing harder against my mouth, grinding her cunt into my face, wanting me to fuck her with my tongue. When I could feel her about to cum I slid my finger inside her, licking and fucking her pussy, feeling her juices flowing onto my tongue, lapping her up, wanting all her cum in my mouth. When her body final stopped spasming, I slid up her to her mouth and placed my lips on hers for her taste her own juices on my tongue. I took her by the hand and led her to our bedroom where i knew more was to cum for us.
When I opened the door expecting to find you either pretending to be asleep or laying there waiting for us, to my surprise you weren’t doing either. The very thought of knowing you were there somewhere in the house and were going to be hearing and maybe seeing everything we did, made me so fucking horny I could hardly contain the excitement I was feeling. I was going to show you, show you her cunt, show you how I was going to lick, and fuck that cunt along with her doing the same to me, I was wondering how well you would be able to keep quiet and was wondering if you would end up joining us.

I led her to the foot of the bed and sat her on the edge where i knelt down before her. Gently parting her legs and placing kisses on them, she leaned back, I continued up her inner leg until i reached her thighs, spreading her wide open, giving myself and you a wonderful view, if in fact you could see us, of her wet sweet pussy. Running my tongue along her clit using my fingers to part her swollen pussy lips, i wanted you to see all of her, i stood up and walked around the bed to get a few toys. She was laying there patiently waiting at first until she could no longer wait, her hand had found its way to her pussy. Her fingers playing with herself when started inserting her fingers inside, as I stood behind her watching as she continued playing with her cunt.
I positioned myself now on the bed beside her kissing her neck and working my way down to her breasts. This making her finger her pussy even more urgently, i knew she wanted and needed more, as i ran a vibe down her stomach until it reached where her hand was. Teasing her clit with the vibrator, hearing her let out squeals of joy. Reaching down with my other hand i parted her pussy lips exposing her cunt wide open, fucking her pussy with it, slow at first making her push against it, telling me she wanted more, I begun fucking her cunt good and hard until her body went tense and i knew she was cumming, i leaned down as i pulled out the vibe and replaced it with my tongue, wanting to lick up all that sweet cum for myself, satisfied i had licked and eaten all she had.
Knowing how wet her cunt now was and how excited i was, i needed to fuck her, wanted to fuck her and wanted so bad for you to see it all. I asked her to lay on her stomach guiding her body, once i knew she was where i wanted and needed her to be, i got in behind her gently pulling her to her knees, spreading those nice long legs of hers. I had adorned the strap on dildo, and starting licking her pussy, making sure she was still nice and wet for me. On my knees also, i started teasing her clit with the head of the dildo, running it down her pussy lips parting them as the head of it entered her cunt. God it felt good knowing i was inside her, knowing it was me fucking her as i pushed harder against her, slamming into her cunt, pounding that dildo deep inside her as the other end slammed hard against my own clit. As i kept fucking that sweet cunt of hers, i also fingered my own pussy feeling my juices run down my fingers. Telling her to take me all as I thrust harder into her, she starting moaning and grinding her ass against me, screaming for me to fuck her harder, telling me how good i felt deep inside her. Damn i was so turned on, so very, very wet hearing a woman telling me to fuck her and knowing it was me that was fucking her, i also wanted to cum, ramming my fingers deeper into my own cunt, pounding her cunt so hard now, pumping in and out until she no longer could take it, her body writhing and squirming, loud moans escaping her lips, until i no longer heard her, her body became relaxed, she had cum and cum all over the dildo.
I was now standing above her face looking down at her, she had a sheepish smile on her face, so i leaned down gently kissing her, reassuring it her it was all fine. Rolling her over onto her back I straddled my legs on either side of her face, slowly lowering my body until i could feel her breath on my pussy, and then her hot tongue finally gliding all over my cunt as she licked me. Her tongue working harder now, opening my lips as i felt it enter my pussy, i couldn’t contain myself as i started grinded against her mouth. The faster her tongue went in and out of my cunt the harder i pushed down on her face, grabbing her head and telling her to eat me. She hadn’t forgotten how to lick and eat a woman’s pussy; she knew exactly where to tease me, and where to put that wet tongue. Teasing my clit with her tongue now, as she inserted her fingers inside me, damn it felt so good, tiny little licks, as she was pounding my cunt too. I needed to cum, pushing down harder against her mouth as she fingered my cunt more fiercely i could feel my body go into spasms, feeling my juices flowing freely, as they ran down her fingers. She quickly removed her fingers to replace them with her tongue, sending me over the edge and making me cum so hard, she finished lapping up all cum until i could no longer take it .I climbed off her face and now collapsed beside her, our bodies both spent.
We must have both drifted off to sleep, because when i woke it was dark outside and you were placing tiny kisses all over my face. Realizing it was you now beside me and not her and still half asleep i wondered where she was as i looked around the room. She wasn’t any where to be seen and i was now wondering if i had dreamt the whole thing up. You seeing me looking a little puzzled, you whispered in my ear she left awhile ago baby, I hope you enjoyed my surprise for you. You told me that you had arranged through our AdultFriendFinder account to have her come over, pretending to bring me a parcel and if I had not done what I did, she was going to seduce me. I loving looked into your eyes and thanked you with a kiss.

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