Time ticking away  

Arheilegenman 48M
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7/14/2006 9:39 am

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7/16/2006 12:40 am

Time ticking away

On the 18th of July, I will be off AdultFriendFinder for approximately 2 to 3 months... my computer and the rest of the crap I own will be transported to my new assignment. There are several bloggers that are beautiful people who through their own fashion, touched my life in a positive way...I want to say thank you for your replies, friendship and basically agknowleging my existance...lol


[blog mzhunyhole]



[blog saintlianna]

To my mates at play nice...jim, lucifer, scottish, citizen, dive, terence, buzz, banging, silv... so many good people I cant begin to count... the meets have always been a blast and great to count you numpties as friends...

To my wee sis tracy... I will always remember you, stay in contact with you and won't forget you... you have my love and respect ...yer bro forever...

To contact me, contact Tracy_De_Lacy and she can link us up...but whenever I get the possibility, I will pop in until I am settled.



The tragedy of life is not that it ends so soon, but that we wait so long to begin it.

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IAmRubytuesday 55F
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7/14/2006 5:16 pm

Hey Arh, just enough time for me to say i have enjoyed reading your blogs. I read Tracy's regularly, and obviously they led me to yours. I think your friendship is very sweet, and you seem to have great times together. I have to confess, however, that i didn't bother to read your blog's for a while as i thought you were German! I'm not xenophobic or anything, just don't speak German. Before you go, what does your handle mean and how did you come up with it? All the best for Hawaii, and watch out for those volcanos! Ruby. xxx

Q.2 flies in an airing cupboard. Which one's the soldier?
A.The one on the tank.

Arheilegenman replies on 7/14/2006 7:09 pm:
I am the best kept secret in the universe...lol No, actually the subdivision of the town I live in is Arheilgen...minor adjustment and out comes the birth of Arheilegenman... Arh for short

Tracy is my best friend, almost a female version of myself...scary thought...lol She said the same thing many moons ago when we met. Now I understand why nobody reads my blog...hahahaha

rm_saintlianna 45F
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7/14/2006 3:47 pm

Aw, you are too sweet {=}

Come back as soon as you can

Arheilegenman replies on 7/14/2006 7:10 pm:
I will do my best...but don't forget me

CelticFlower 50F

7/14/2006 11:53 am

Take Care and hope the move goes smoothly......hope you don`t miss the Scottish accents too much.

Arheilegenman replies on 7/15/2006 1:31 am:
aye, yer aft yer hied numpty to think I wont miss yer voice...lol

It was really nice meeting you and you can always count on me as a friend CF...


EroticaXTC 49F

7/14/2006 11:49 am

Thank you Arh, that's so nice of you. I hope everything transitions smoothly for you! Take care and pop in when you can!hugs, Erotica{=}

Arheilegenman replies on 7/14/2006 7:15 pm:
I believe it should be ok, I have traveled most of my adult life. Would love to hear from you email wise since this site is not government approved...lol I will ask Tracy to update her blog with messages from me. I will do my best to not allow you for gorget me


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