This Memorial Day  

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5/28/2006 1:54 am

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This Memorial Day

On May 29th is an American holiday called memorial day. I don't normally make a big deal about the holidays, not even christmas but this one is a special and painful one for me. This holiday in the US is to honor those who died while serving in the military during wartime. I ask each of you to take a moment of your time, no matter your political, religious or moral beliefs or country you are from, to think and pray for those who have fallen in war, no matter from what country. I myself have lost close friends in combat when I fought and continue to do so to this day. Give them a small prayer of peace. It would mean alot to me. Thanks...



The tragedy of life is not that it ends so soon, but that we wait so long to begin it.

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5/28/2006 1:20 pm

ya know what I answered this last night...oops thats right it was in the group

Bye everyone, it was a blast

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