My Numpties in Glasgow and elsewhere  

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5/26/2006 8:19 am

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My Numpties in Glasgow and elsewhere

I have been blessed by having a great group of friends in Glasgow. Numpties is a term of endearment for silly people and its caught on with the non-scotts like wildfire. We met on this sight and got together to meet (friend only)in person and solid friendships were formed and lasted. We met at least monthly to hang out together, sing Karoke badly together and have just a great time. Now that I am moving off to Hawaii, I find out how special these people are because they put their lives on hold to come together in Glasgow in June to see me off. How about that?! Its an awesome feeling to hear people say great things about you and take the time to hang out together. Its sad to know I can't make it monthly but I be damned If I won't spend some time and money to see them as often as possible. The play nice group in Scotland is a great group and I am really lucky I joined them. So I ask you this....

Have you actually met anyone (non-sexual) from a group you are a member of?

Would you and if so, how far would you travel to visit those you met and became friends with from this site?


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