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1/16/2006 1:14 pm

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A good ear to hear

I am not sure where I learned to listen, or why people make me to be a sounding board. What gives a person the feeling that someone is a good listener? I wonder where on my forehead it says that "this is your emotional dumpground"... I am glad that women feel this way (us men have this part of us called egos so its not often an option to expose feelings) but do they know that I hate answering the question or give any tidbit of advice...knowing that if the advice given doesn't work, I am held responsible and forever hated... But you are their friend and feel obligated to help or at least listen. I got a call this evening from a friend concerning her man and his infidelities...(not AdultFriendFinder members)and spent two hours on this. I am surely no expert... Hell, I wouldn't take advice from myself..hehehe As for a conclusion to this vent, there are two categories of people I find are usually in this perdicament:

People, if you belong to this category as the community ear, I truly respect your patience...but you may want to consider changing your phone number...

If you are the person that must have someone to talk to...there are marriage counselors much wiser than the average person. You dont ask divorcees about how to keep a marriage alive...thats like asking a peace activist to explain how to disassemble a firearm


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