A funny thing about women and Hawaii  

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5/20/2006 3:34 pm

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A funny thing about women and Hawaii

This is really tongue in cheek...

Everyone is congratulating me on my new position in Hawaii and one of the comments I hear most from women is...

whether I have room in my baggage to take them with me...

Now we all know its just a response to express envy and obviously its not my dashing movie star looks thats got them saying that, but I will ignore the obvious..haha Plus, I don't imagine airport security would like it too much.

After hearing the comment the 50th time, I asked the lady who made that comment, in front of her friends whether her husband would approve... her husband walked up and said that he would welcome the peace and quiet... the look she gave him was priceless... had me laughing my head off

Give me your opinion...

Are there women really so spontaneous that they would fly off to Hawaii with a guy they barely knew?

Does anyone know someone who would?

What would have to happen for you to do that?

Would you guys do that "out of the blue" if a woman invited you to fly away to an island with her and you barely knew her?

Post your thoughts...


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