What am I?  

ArealUnicorn 44F
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12/30/2005 4:08 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

What am I?

The question is ask
by us to ourselves
but never to others
cause they may delve

I know what I am
have thought about it a lot
I am a woman first and foremost
most definately not a bot

I am a mother also
to a child who is dear
that doesnt make me less
lets make that one clear

I am a sister to some
a daughter to others
and friend to a few
and to 1 a total bother

I used to be a gunner
in the great fight for peace
but I gave that one up
to get a new life lease

The fact that I am a woman
first in this list
should give you some idea
should give you the gist

I am many things in life
that is for sure
but being a woman first and foremost
means I definately not a bore

I love being a woman
wouldn't trade it for another life
one day my title
may even be wife

But if that is not
what Im ment to be
Im am totally happy
Just being me

The new year is coming
that one is a fact
so I am going to approach this new one
with some grace and some tact

I will reach for the moon
and if I miss no worries
cause I will be amongst the stars
and that makes me want to hurry

I have dreams and aspirations
for my life as it is
I will have everything I desire
even if it doesn't include a towel that say his

I have so many others
in my life that I love
I don't need to release
that typical wedding dove

I just want everyone here to know
that they need to ponder my query
and really give it some thought
look at your own life and do not be leary

Everyone has their own gifts
dreams and aspirations
just be willing to take a chance
dont quit out of desperation

We all are on this planet
lets treat is with respect
be good to ur fellow person
and even in the insects

Before the bell tolls
12 on Saturday night
look up and remember people
we are our own light.

Figure out who
and what you are
dont be afraid
U wont have to look Far

U know in ur heart
what u r as do most
but look inside and be honest
dont just let ur life coast

Be true to yourself
and the others in your space
if u do this one thing
u will never loose face

I am a woman first
and a mother second
a sister and a daughter
oh sorry my life just beckoned.....

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