The heat.....and the fog  

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1/31/2006 2:42 pm

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The heat.....and the fog

As I lay on the blanket
that I placed on the ground
My eyes get heavy
My ears no longer hear the sound

The sound of the water
from the stream nearby
placed in the medow
under a blue sky

The heat of the sun
is warming my skin
as I lay in this medow
my brain in a din

The heat makes me sleepy
and makes my juices flow
and as I enter the fog
my mind is going slow

I feel myself falling asleep
Under the heat of the sun
I think just a couple of minutes is all
than I will be all done

As I lay there sleeping
my mind enters a dream
I feel a man standing over me
staring down at the scene

I cannot see his face
it is shadowed by the sun
but he whispers down at me
dont worry sweet this will be fun

All I see of this man
is from the neck below
he is a sun god for sure
but my mind is still so slow

I lay in my slumber
knowing it's just a dream
Im not frightened by this man
So there is no need to scream

He bends down gently
softly touching my skin
and even with the heat of the sun
I feel the tingle like ice within

His feather touch
goes down my spine
hitting the base
and continuing on

He touchs me gently
all over my back
continuing down
his touching never lacks

He hits all the spots
that make me shiver
my neck, my bum, my legs
these all make me quiver

As I strech like a cat
in the heat of the sun
he gently rolls me over
to get to more fun

My breast are exposed
to the heat of the sun
but my nipples are hard
waiting for what was going to done

My mind still foggy
it still in my dream
I feel the heat in my body
but not from what it would seam

The man gently touches with fingers
my face and lips and neck
gently probing my mouth
and I open to lick

His mouth takes over
where his fingers left off
His lips are soft and insistent
I feel myself not scoff

His tongue traces down
my neck to my breast
pausing at my nipples
moving east to west

He licks my nipples gently
at first than hard
I arch my back to meet his mouth
like a playing card

His tongue traces a line
down my belly to my spot
Now I am really
really getting hot

As I lay with Mr. Sandman
enjoying it all
I feel his tongue probing
through the glistening wall

He licks me totally
not missing a spot
making me wetter
and making me hot

I feel my clit expand
and the hood retract
he notices the reaction
and gets more into the act

He licks me so completely
and I start to quiver
I push him away at a point
where I begin to shiver

He wont take no for an answer
and pushes my hands away
and starts to really lick me hard
So I let him have his way

I feel the heat of it all
starting at my toes
my clit is pulsing and reacting
and all I can do is moan

My orgasm hits
like some bricks
but he continues
with his licks

I hit a stage
I've never been before
waves and waves of pleasure
that's what he had in store

I feel the dream
coming to an end
my thoughts are fighting it
but the sands begin to bend

I wake from my dream
glistening with sweat
my legs are quivering
and my thighs are all wet

I look around,
confused and dazed
wondering what just happened
and look over the haze

I see a new trail
and realize with a smile
that this wasn't a dream
not by a mile

I smile with contentment
glisten in the heat
this golden adonis
this man who performed the feat

What I thought
was the fog of my mind
turned out to be true
turned out to be so kind

I will return to this spot
again I can say
and hope that my man
comes down on the suns rays

rm_ShadowNB 54M
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2/1/2006 4:42 pm

Very good. Your best yet.

ArealUnicorn 44F

2/2/2006 11:52 am

Thanks Shadow and it went down quite easy mood is better..

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