The blessings in my life  

ArealUnicorn 44F
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12/17/2005 4:15 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

The blessings in my life

I have joy
I have fun
I have peace
I have love
I have happiness
I have good friends
I have a loving family
I have a wonderful man
I have a warm house
I have a good job
I have my health
I have my future
I have my past
I have everything I have always wanted

I dont need material things, I dont need trips, I dont need new cars, I dont need new designer cloths, I dont need presents for Christmas, I dont need any of those things. Why do you ask? Because life is not made up of those things life is not good because of those things. Life is good when you look in the mirror and you smile, and like what you see, life is good when ur thoughts are happy and not destructive and mean, life is good when you know u will live and love long, until your ancient, life is good when u know that you give out good vibes, life is good when u look at your family and friends and lovers and u know that no matter what they are there for u, life is good when you trust totally and faithfully, life is good when you know that the next day will only bring love, loyalty, joy, fun, health and an undying appreciation for life in general, life is good when u know that bad things have happened but it has only made u what u are and u dont let the bad things change u for the worse, life is good when you do no harm to others, life is good when u are happy with what you have and have no need to want, I want for nothing, just more of what I already have.

onerustyone1 67M
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12/17/2005 12:58 pm

Well said.

owowstan 55M

12/17/2005 7:35 pm

I have needs
I have perversions
I have a hard on
I have an idea

ArealUnicorn 44F

12/18/2005 10:23 am

Well owowstan probably not an idea I would like...considering who u find attractive and the fact that u are bi....

bardicman 50M

12/18/2005 12:28 pm

I have a feeling that you are in a very good place in your life.

I am not dead yet

ArealUnicorn 44F

12/18/2005 1:19 pm

Yes Bardic I am in a very good place...thank you. I have to remind myself sometimes though because no one's life is perfect...there are a few things in my life where there could be imporvement, but I try and concentrate on the good things I have not the bad things, although they are few they are there...but thank u, it is people like you that make part of my life good.

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