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ArealUnicorn 44F
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6/23/2006 2:21 am

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9/2/2006 10:29 am

New computer

Well it's been almost a week with my new computer....yes I finally broke down and got a new one. A new dell notebook. OMG it is so worth the time and the effort to do this...picking the right processor, video card, amount of ram (computer kind that is), etc yes it took a while to do the research but I picked it up on Monday and let me tell u I haven't had one issue with anything since. Fast Fast Fast....

afternoonhardon 43M
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6/26/2006 4:48 pm

Unicorn i am glad to hear you got a new computer. i really enjoy you blogs, i missed your regular blog for a month or so and I am glad you are back. I should also mention that your hot photo also keeps me grabbing at my equipment - and not my old computer gear.


MikeNB 59M

6/27/2006 6:58 pm

Happy new computer Unicorn. I'm sure you'll really enjoy it and you'll be able to cam and perv at the same time now!!


rm_rdy4u59 63M/59F
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7/2/2006 4:45 am

Cool...always nice to have a Ferrari...

horny4dp73 44M/43F

7/3/2006 12:58 pm

Ha ha ha.. Dude, You bought a DELL... sucker...

hemicuda2007 54M

7/7/2006 12:03 pm

Hi real
this is hemicuda2007 boy are you hard to contact .We have been winking at each other for a while now if you read this before 5 oclock fri I will be canoeing in cove at community college and may be free to chat on sat as well

rm_chichandler 61M
24 posts
7/9/2006 11:36 am

well it's about time u got a new u sexy babe maybe u can stay on longer in chat room instead of booting urself out. chat with u soon i hope luv ya always "chic"

hemicuda2007 54M

7/9/2006 7:31 pm

well real you can reach me as hemibaracuda msn

Whispersoftly5 52F
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7/10/2006 6:17 am

Sorry it's been so long since I visited. Just want to say hello. It seems things are going well for you and I'm so happy to read that! Have fun with that new computer!!!


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