My Favorite Book  

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11/10/2005 2:47 am

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My Favorite Book

I have a favorite book and it is full of wisdom for the ages, it includes such people as Ceasar, DH Lawrence and yes even The Rolling Stones, imagine coming across a book that contains those 3 all in is a book of quotations and here is one for the day....

....While we think of it, and talk of it
Let us leave it alone, physically, keep apart.
For while we have sex in the mind, we truly have none in the body.

DH Lawrence

While I truly believe that sex is the best way to express the emotion of love and I do truly believe that most of the attraction happens in the mind I have to agree with the above. I think that the physical act of sex and the physical feeling that happens when we do have sex I think that most sex does happen in the brain, think about it for a minute, even on here we look, we read, we chat, we do everything with our brain and we do get turned on, we meet we have a drink our physical feeling is either confirmed or dashed. If it is confirmed most of the "sex" has already happened now it's just to have the physical feelings but still most is in the mind, do I think I can just take what happens in the I like the physical too much but here we are....most happens in the mind.

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