Just a little comment...  

ArealUnicorn 44F
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11/18/2005 12:50 pm

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Just a little comment...

Im finding lately that the questions in the magazine are seriously down grading...wow...I was in there today and what did I find but drivel...not totally but drivel...I wish that people in general would stop and think about the questions they ask here...some are totally amazing...I read one yesterday and it was great...it was basically what do you do when you find someone better at sex than your mate...good question...very intelligent responses (and yes I like to think my response was too) but why do people think that is a place to vent, to interact and ask for attention that's why we have profiles...I actually read one today that confused the hell out of me and that doesn't happen easily...so my statement is this...

People stop and think about the questions you are asking, if you really don't know the answer ask it, if you can find the answer on your own look for it, if you want someone's opinion on a certian vacation spot blog it, but if all you want to do is rant or give an opinion use the other sections of the magazine...and leave the advice section for advice...thanks...

bardicman 50M

11/18/2005 6:06 pm

I agree whole heartedly Unicorn. I think we in blogville need to plan a coup and take over the advice lines with totally even stupider questions.

I am not dead yet

ArealUnicorn 44F

11/19/2005 3:46 am

I totally agree bard but with our luck they would get rejected due to inappropriate material...such as inteligent content...

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