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1/8/2006 6:07 am

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There are people in life
who think they are all that
but in truth we all know
they are less than shit from a bat

The intrude on other lives
like a disease that is cronic
I think I will need
a glass of gin and tonic

They read others thoughts
and poof the head gets big
my thoughts are not about you
come on you know the jig

Your lives are your own
pathetic at best
u need to get over this
and put on ur orange vest

The lies that you tell
to make urself look good
anyone that knows u
hides their head in a hood

Your an embarassment to this site
your vile and mean
u use this fun place
to try and make others not keen

I write questions out
for answers you see
but trust me dumb ass
about you it not be

You need to move on
and quit being a blite
if you want this life
than move into the light

You have done lots of things
to keep urself in my space
from printing off my profile
but my mom put her's in the fireplace

You have emailed my friends
responded to their blogs
all of which shows
u are totally frogs

The stuff you think is vile
that is so true
shows everyone what kind of people
and I noticed ur questions got booed

You need to move on
and continue with your life
make that pathetic woman
who you want your pathetic wife

I dont need you, that caused the riff
but she does the pathetic big twit
so use her like you tried me
she wont know she hasn't got the wit

Now for the woman in this story
you got what you wanted
and all I can say
is u will get taunted

When you come out of your fog
of mental appathy
you will see your both mental
and need to pay a fee

The fee to the justice system
cause I suspect it will come
he wouldn't go without his lawyer
that was pretty dumb

Now you are involved too
by sending that email to my friend
unless he did that too
but oh well be ready to defend

Your both pathetic loosers
who need to get a life
Hire a good lawyer
Cause your gonna be that's wife

And when that part is done
and the charges have been laid
the conviction will be coming
even though he has begged

Begged me to call them back
and tell them never mind
but you know what loosers
you had your chance for me to be kind

Now my life is mine
my thoughts true and pure
they are not about you one bit
I have finally found the cure

You both say ur happy
well if thats true than leave me be
Get on with your plans
and never mind me

I know ur not happy
cause if you were I wouldn't be here
writing this blog of rant and rave
cause you wouldn't interfere

Your thoughts need readjusting
Your life needs a twist
get a grip on reality
do you get the gist

Your ego needs to be in check
you need to not bother anymore
Keep out of my space
Here I will show you the door

The door to reality
make her your wife
click your heels together
and say I need a life

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