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1/8/2006 6:48 am

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The afterglow of good sex
leaves your happy and content
the feeling of being breathless
being enveloped by a tent

The joy of an orgasm
that starts at your toes
raises your body temp
ah there is goes

But let me begin at the start
where the heat really begins
at the first thought
when we start the "sin"

It starts with a kiss
and nibble on the ear
the hot breath
when there is not fear

Your kissing each other
his hands are wandering down
to your breast and ur nipples
he is going to town

His mouth moves from your neck
down to your breast that are taunt
waiting for his tongue to hit
right where you want

He flicks his tongue over your nipple
ur breath has a sharp intake
it feels wonderful
it makes you want to shake

He sucks on your nipples
as you lay getting wet
his hand reaches for your clit
he finds your panties that are net

His tongue traces
a line down your belly
you know what he's gonna do
it makes ur legs feel like jelly

He licks through the net
then slides them down your legs
he licks your thigh
and makes you beg

He opens your lips
to see it there
swollen with desire
and with no hair

He flicks his tongue
over your clit
your legs twitch
your eyes are lit

His tongue wanders
around every part
he tastes your juices
that have began to start

You moan with pleasure
as his tongue goes deep
sucking and licking
your about to reap

His tongue goes back
to your bud
sucking and licking
he's no dud

he inserts his finger
to give you what you like
and sucks that little clit
it's like riding a bike

As his finger fucks you
and his mouth sucks your clit
your legs start to quiver
it's gonna come quick

The numbness in your toes
the heat on your legs
the feeling of that orgasm
makes you beg

Dont stop what your doing
Im gonna cum that's for sure
keep sucking that little bud
keep that finger going in the door

The orgasm builds
up to a point where
you cant stop it now
you wouldn't dare

your hands move down
to his head to keep it there
you grind you hips into his mouth
u start pulling his hair

You tell him your cumming
his tongue doesnt stop
you know your getting there
you have reached the top

Your orgasm explodes
you see lights streeming by
you beg for his cock
and he is happy to oblige

he enters your wetness
stroking in and out
your orgasm hasnt stopped
you begin to shout

Faster and harder you scream
and he is happy to do just that
his orgasm is coming too
urs is still all that

You feel his body stiffen
he is cumming too
he gives you the last of his energy
to get his just due

You are both exhausted
laying there attached
the afterglow is present
oh what a catch

The afterglow of sex
when the orgasm is done
is a blessing
for some

I love my orgasms
multiple maybe not
but everytime I do cum
it is very hot

I am wet with the heat
inside and out
And it happens everytime
I have no doubt

I cum everytime I have sex
I am a lucky woman there
I am confident in my body
I do like to share

rh1972 44M
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1/14/2006 9:11 am

WOW! I've never been turned on by poetry before! This is a first.

ArealUnicorn 44F

1/15/2006 9:30 am

thank you rh1972 it was just my thoughts on the subject

rm_just4fun8047 55M
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1/20/2006 10:50 pm

Incredible hot poetry, I never imagined getting turned on by reading someone else's words. One of a kind

ArealUnicorn 44F

1/24/2006 4:51 am

just4fun I try and Im glad u liked it...

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