A Devils Kiss  

ArealUnicorn 44F
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2/2/2006 11:00 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

A Devils Kiss

I sat in the room and knew it was true
The Devil was here and they said it’s for you
The heat from the skin came across the room
I felt my mind explode in a boom

The thoughts that went through my mind we clear
I knew at one touch I would feel seared
The look on the Devils face, a smile that was slow
And then I knew where we were going to go

The Devil talked and laughed at others who spoke
And even gave them the occasional poke
No horns on this Devil, no fork to be seen
This Devil is earthbound and has been

I sat and I watched as the Devil came near
And strangely enough there was no fear
I could see the fire in the Devil’s eyes
And a smile on the lips, that made me sigh

The Devil leaned over to whisper in my ear
Come to me my darling the time is near
I rose to my feet waiting for the moment
In which my life would change with one event

The Devil place their lips gently on mine
And immediately I knew it was a sign
The lips were full of heat and fire
And I knew I would be soon a little higher

The kiss was insistent and full of flame
And no the Devil was not to blame
I felt the need to kiss the Devil back
And I did not let the emotion lack

The kiss of the Devil was hot and intense
It made me wonder about my stance
It was slow and soft and not like a man’s
It was different and good so I took the Devils hand

The kiss from the Devil did change a few things
I know longer think that the flame can only a man bring
For this Devil was a woman, so there is no going back
Because I know that her kiss will never lack

mickdevil 50M/52F
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2/2/2006 12:09 pm

wow woman you are great with words lol
very very sweet indeed

Mick & Devil FWB
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Just Living Life

ArealUnicorn 44F

2/2/2006 4:43 pm

Well Devil I had some good inspiration...

rm_ShadowNB 55M
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2/2/2006 5:05 pm

I have seen the Devil in action. She is a force to be reckoned with.

Kaliedascope61 41M
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2/2/2006 5:10 pm

Did you write that? its really good, maybe I could share some of my own work with you? Mine is not the erotic kind like yours but its my own, I love sharing it with who ever will listen.

rm_tryyouharder 48M
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2/3/2006 9:24 am

Damn girl, you're good! The kicker at the end was a total surprise. The whole devil metaphor is excellent for describing what it must be like to be sexual with a member of the same sex for the first time after (in my mind at least) being hetero for so long. It must be different from being gay or lesbian from the start.

abdoullah5 40M

2/3/2006 12:46 pm

salut quelle belle poitrine tuas! ta foto me donne vraiment l'envie de l'inonder de bises et de caresses tu me permets belle femme? bise

ArealUnicorn 44F

2/3/2006 3:14 pm

Shadow she is now i know why you want to keep all your dates away from her.... you didn't do a good enough job with me tho...lmao...

ArealUnicorn 44F

2/3/2006 3:15 pm

Yes Kali all written items on my blog are mine unless otherwise noted..."the dash" being the only one that wasn't as well as the paper on emotional maturity...but thanks for the compliment, it comes easy when i am inspired...lol

ArealUnicorn 44F

2/3/2006 3:16 pm

Tryyou it wasn't a metaphor, I met a wonderful woman who's nic is mickdevil and it really happened...with Devil...

ArealUnicorn 44F

2/3/2006 3:19 pm

ad I dont understand totally but I think thank you is in order...

rm_tryyouharder 48M
22 posts
2/3/2006 4:30 pm

Ahh, then the Devil name is triply appropriate. I've never met Devil but I've seen her AdultFriendFinder personal ad pic. One of her laying in bed with her back to the cam wearing a sheer dress and a white thong underneath. There has to be some way to work in the saying "Get thee behind me Satan!" when you have THAT Devil for temptation, but some temptations aren't worth resisting, eh?

mickdevil 50M/52F
3496 posts
2/3/2006 10:10 pm

areal thxs for the complements you are a very sexy woman,and shadow

na na na na na na


Mick & Devil FWB
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Just Living Life

rm_ShadowNB 55M
10 posts
2/5/2006 4:28 am


ArealUnicorn 44F

2/5/2006 9:30 am

No way tryyou...no reason to resist that temptation

ArealUnicorn 44F

2/5/2006 9:31 am

Thx Devil...and

ArealUnicorn 44F

2/5/2006 9:32 am

No worries shadow...

SirMounts 102M

2/17/2006 10:55 am

Geez, who'd a thought of that? And least you don't have to worry about having the devil's lovechild! ...Much, anyway. lol

ArealUnicorn 44F

2/18/2006 3:44 am

no sir I don't which makes it even more tempting..

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