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1/2/2006 10:02 am

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Travel experience

Could you provide your experience traveling to other countries other than yours? Simply cut and paste with your feedback.

1)Where is the wildest (sexually speaking) place on earth? I think is Brasil

2)Have you been in a gang bang? If so, in which country? Nope. Just played with three chicks

3)Have you made sex with a stranger and then dissapear? If so, where? Yeap of course and we did a video. Puerto Rico

4)Where is the most liberal place on earth? Maybe France but my french was not good

5)Where are the most open minded people? In Europe generally speaking

6) Have you seen people making love in front of others? At the beach in Ocean Park (PR) during the night. I was at the other side with my chick doing the same.

7)Any indescent proposal? She said "what do you think if we make love and we don't see anymore". I replied "For me, making love is the beginning of a relationship, not the end"

8 )Have you heard about a blow job contest in private parties? Nope. I have seen videos.

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