Health Benefits of Regular Sex  

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1/29/2006 10:02 pm

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Health Benefits of Regular Sex

It's really true: Sex is good for you! Scientific research has proven time and again that there are emotional and physical benefits to having regular sexual activity.

Here are a few of the benefits where research has been documented around the world:

- Lower stress levels
- Less risk of heart attack
- Longer life
- Higher self-esteem and confidence
- Relief from chronic pain, including lower back pain
- Lowered risk of breast cancer
- Reduction of menstrual cramping and pain
- Migraine headache relief
- Improved mental health
- Better body image
- Increased bone and muscle strength
- Better health and fitness (through sexual exercise)
- Increased feelings of youthfulness

If you know of any proven benefits of regular sex to add, post away in the comments section.

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2/14/2006 4:11 pm

Happy Valentine's Day.

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