and then...  

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and then...

My orgasm escaped moaning was pussy was clenching and gripping in a fury that i couldnt stop even if my life depended on it. No one else saw him...they wer too busy covering or filling me with cum...but i saw him...standing there, fists opening and shutting, that glimmer of hot latin fury burning in his eyes.

Silently he stood there, until everyone was finished, and my body trembled, not just with pleasure, but absolute FEAR. How long had he been standing there? How long had he been watching others take me? Wathcing my fill myslef with man after man, swallowing them, riding them, pleasuring them. And not a word.

Slowly I untangled myself from the arms and legs wrapped around me. sets of arms reached for me, rubbing the sweat and cum into my pores. i resisted and pulled away. A cold sweat enveloped me...i had to go to him.

As I walked towards him, i reached for a shirt, a towel, anything to cover my shame. My body was red from passion, and their pleasure shone itself all over my body. As I went to cover myself...he reached forward and grabbed the clothes from me. "Don't bother" he whispered menacingly into my ear, as he grabbed my arm and wrenched it behind my back. "I rather like you exposed for who you are."

My body shuddered. This was my MASTER. This is the man I promised my soul too. Found after years of a lifeless marriage I couldn't escape, this was the man who brought me back to life. I trembled uncontrollable while i waited for his next move.

he pushed me away from him, leading me by the scruff of my neck. As I neared the mass of sweaty men on the floor, one of them looked up and, shocked, stated "who the fuck are you?" At this point I was forced down to my knees in front of the men, and hot hand placed on my head making me look at my handiwork. all i could do was kneel there, shaking, afraid to move, afraid to cry. The marines started to regroup...the scrambled to their feet to defend me.

"Tell them" he barked lowly to me. And i knew i had to obey. "This man is my master"

"and?" "tell him to fuck off" "want us to take care of him" "get up"

I looked at them all..."No". I got louder "NO". They men shocked, looked at me..."NO! This man is my master. I serve him and I serve him alone."

The men looked at me, shock crossing their face. While they tried to understand what I was saying, i realized what I had to do. Slowly I stood up. i picked up the clothes laying around, adn I gathered them into a pile. I slowly walked to the door, and placed them all on the porch.

AS the men stood there, flabber-gasted...i knelt before my owner, and in front of all of them...I whispered. "please sir, forgive me" "What?" he he harshly spat at me. "Please sir, forgive me" "Louder you dirty little whore" "PLEASE SIR FORGIVE ME". i could hear the rustling of the men behind me, and i turned to them, and waved them back down. I returned to my master and pleaded with my eyes for him to forgive me. With a snear he said "Forgive you for What? My eyes dropped down, and my head snagged...a rought hand grasped my shin and pulled my face up to look at him. With tears in my eyes, and shames radiating through my body..I shook uncontrollably. He brought his face down to mine. "I can't hear you" he spat at me.

I tried glaring him defiantly in the eyes, to which his eyes glinted at me, and a sadistic smile spread across his face...the fear poured out of my soul...i flinched. I could hear the men behind me moving about. SHIT.

he let go of me and started to walk for the door. Oh God NO! "Forgive me Master...Forgive me for being a dirty fucking whore. Forgive me for sinning against you" I threw myself on the floor to his feet...wrapping my arms around his legs while he dragged me across the carpet, burning the soft tissue of my stomach and chest. "Please don't go" i sobbed incontrollably. "PLEASE MASTER! PLEASE I BEG YOU!! FORGIVE ME FOR BEING A FLITHY WHORE"

My will was beaten, my fear had overcome me, and i lay there, helpless as a rag. he reached down to me slowly...picking me up by may hair, and brought my face to his. "Do what you need to do" he said. I saw his eyes, raging with anger, and i obeyed. i walked to each and everyman still standing, and slowly quickly, quietly, escorted each of them to the door. Some protested, but I was firm. As they left, they made comments of concern, reproach, and snickers of laughter. I was humiliated.

AS the house emptied...I went back to my master feet, whre I knelt down and awaited my punishment. But that....that is another story to tell...

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