The Other Woman Fantasy  

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The Other Woman Fantasy

It's Saturday afternoon, and they are getting ready to go out that evening...they've decided to meet the woman from online for dinner and drinks, and the slave is very excited. They take turns washing each other, and he makes sure that every inch of her is scrubbed until she is red and panting. He bends her over and starts to tease her with the tip of his head - just barely entering her...handing her the shower head, he tells her to play with herself until she is just about to cum. This makes the slave very wet, and she is fighting to get more of him inside of her...but he holds her back...biting her shoulders and neck...not letting her feel his cock inside her. "Wait" he commands in her ear..."Wait until later." At that point he forcibly takes the shower head away from her...just seconds before she is about to cum. He shoves the slave out of the shower, calling her a filthy whore...and forces the slave to wait for him to finish his shower.

When he is done, the slave drys him off, and then rubs him down with lotion, and assists him in getting dressed. Then it's her turn, and he picks out a very sexy and revealing outfit for her, including lacy panties, tight bra, thigh highs and garter belt. The slave's dress is short, and he bends her over to check how much she is revealing to everyone. The slave is warned by several spankings that she cannot go showing herself off to ANY man, and that she is to act as a lady until instructed otherwise. "Do you understand me?" "Yes Sir"

When they get out to dinner, he instructs her to sit next to the new woman, and to begin to tease her throughout the nite. That includes brushing her hand against the woman's thigh, rubbing her breasts against the woman's arm, back, etc., and generally trying to seduce her. As the nite starts, they loosen up with a few drinks to set the mood, and he tells the new woman how he is the slave's Master, and he will command her to do anything she asks. The woman finds this very appealing, and she asks the slave what she wants...the slave simply smiles, and tells her "I want my Master fully satisfied."

With this she reaches for the slave to kiss her...the slave is hesitant at first, and looks over to her Master...she sees him nod ok, and smiles his happiness to her. The slave kisses her back, fully and completely, pressing their bodies together. The slave can feel her heat, and the pressure of breasts against breasts. The slave takes her hand, and slides it up her dress, inside her thighs...all the while looking at her Master for his approval...

When he has watched enough, he tells them it is time to they all leave, arm in arm, to begin thier first nite together. In the cab ride to the hotel, he orders the slave to keep kissing her, while he reaches under the slave's skirt and starts to finger her. The slave is soaking wet, and he places his finger in the other woman's mouth, having her suck the slaves pussy juice from his finger. She does so with delight, then kisses the slave to have her taste herself as well. She reaches up to fondle her breasts...but then they are at the hotel, and it's time to get out...

As they enter the hotel room, he dims the lights, and tells the slave to strip the woman down. As she does, her Master stands behind her, kissing her neck, and rubs and kneads her beautiful, large, soft tits. She moans for him, and the slave is so happy. As the slave removes all of her clothes, he orders her to kiss the woman everywhere. Meanwhile, he is slowly fingering her, turning her on and making her want him. The Master gently brings her down to the bed and start to caress her, while the slave is made to stand and watch the two of them. She motions for the slave to join them, but the Master tells her "no - you must watch", so the slave stands there while she undresses him, kissing him, touching him, caressing him and enjoying his body.

When she has him fully bare, the Master motions the slave over to starting sucking on his hard throbbing cock. The slave is so happy to join them, she almost cries. While the slave is licking and sucking and swallowing every inch of him down, he continues to kiss and suckle the woman's large tits. She gurgles with pleasure, and brings herself up to sit on his face, while facing the slave. As he tongues her dripping wet pussy, she reaches down and grabs the slaves hair, forcing his cock deeper down her throat. Then she pulls the slave up by her hair, so she can taste the Master's juicy dick too...and they both lick and suck on him, thier tongues kissing each other, until the woman begins to cum and grind onto him, spreading her cum all over his face.

At this point, the Master moves the woman into position, down his body, and places her on his throbbing member, leaning her backwards against him. He spreads her legs open so the slave can see him gliding in and out of her. She is moaning, the curve of his cock hitting her g-spot everytime, and she is clawing the bedding around him. One of his large hands is grabbing her tit, squeezing and pulling the nipple. Then he reaches down and gestures the slave to come over. He spreads her wet lips, and exposes her clit to the slave...motioning her to come she does, he grabs the back of her head, and forces her mouth onto the woman's red, swollen, throbbing clit. The slave hesitates at first, but the Master holds her head until she is covered with their juices. She tastes him sliding in and out of this woman, then slowly begins to lick her clit in rhythm to him thrusting into that deep pink well.

The woman moans loader, grabbing at the slaves head, grinding herself into him. As she cums again, they both hold the slaves head into her, making her swallow their wet cum. Then the Master flips the woman around, and starts to pound into her doggy style. He tells the slave to lay down, spread eagle on the bed, and moves the woman's face to the slaves dripping pussy. The Master smacks the slaves legs open so she will let the woman in....Slowly he pumps into the woman, staring deeply at his good little slave, while the woman sucks the slaves little pink clit. He hands the woman a well lubed dildo, and she proceeds shove it deep inside the slave while she continues to lick and suck on her. The slave can barely keep her eyes open, so her Master orders her to "WATCH BITCH." She does, watching as her Master fucks the hell out of another woman, watching him stroke her ass, grab her tits, and run his hands down her back, caressing and stroking the woman to climax once again.

The slave can't take it anymore, and she starts to moan...her orgasm is starting from her very toes, and she reaches for her Master, her body shuddering with pleasure. He reaches out to his slave, bringing the other woman up with him. She kisses the slave deeply on the mouth, her tongue covered in the slaves cum. Then he pull them apart, kissing the other woman first, while he pulls out of her and straddles his slave's neck and shoulders instead. The Master rubs his cock against the slave's lips, making her taste the other woman's juices all over his still hard cock, and the slave opens to take him into her warm eager mouth.

The slave sucks every drop of the other woman's cum off of her Master, licking and grabbing him, her hands around his ass pulling him further into her thirsty mouth and deep throat The slave swallows him as far as she can down her throat, and sucks with all the energy she has inher. She sucks with the abandon of a child, hungry to tast him, hungry to have him inside her. She sucks for that moment, the moment she lives for...she wants to please him so badly. With a low moan her Master starts to cum...deep down into his slaves throat, holding the back of her head to shoot load after load of hot cum down into her hungry mouth.

The Master shudders while his slave sucks even more, sucking every drop out of him...licking every bit she can from him. When he finally releases her, the Master tells his good little slave to kiss the other woman goodnite, and they reach over to give each other a loving kiss, hot with the taste of his cum in the slaves mouth. They all snuggle down together, arms and legs everwhere...and take a nice little nap before heading into round Two...

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4/21/2006 12:16 am

Yum! I think I need some. I would enjoy seeing the slaves limits.

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