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4/6/2006 7:28 am

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Make me cry

The numbness was overwhelming. 2 nites, 36 hours, 2 bottles of soju, and 5 cocks...and did I mention they were Marines. Hot tempered jarheads with more cocks than common sense. Ready and willing to go at the beckon of a finger.

The weekend had started out ok, my Master was away, again...always away. He knows he has to keep me on a short leash. My cunt moves faster than the express train to the coast. Three days with no cock, and I'm a bitch in heat, searching for it, smelling it out. And it was so easy...all men were easy...but here especially.

Eight thousand miles away, and seperated from friends and family, this place swarms with horny men. Horny Military easy to catch. One look, one dropped glance, one gentle touch of the arm...and from the dance floor to the bed in no time flat. This is the way of the true predator...swiftly seducing the willing.

This nite was no different from before...drink in one hand, no ring on the other...and the catch was easy. A short time later the drinks were flowing, as were the juices under my short skirt. Marines they said...just here for a short while. Perfect, I thought. Just what I needed. Tonight was the nite to set myself free...tonight was the night I claimed myself back from a man who no longer cared...

Always away, that's the life of a military wife. Two weks here, three months is lonely when you share a bed with no one. I was tired of being the good little wife. Dinners at six, sex at 9, shit. shower. shave. the same old routine. I wanted MORE.

This time, I was going to LIVE. He was away for 4 months this some hell hole of the desert. No phone call, no email, no letters. Nothing. But I was supposed to wait, like all the other good little wifey-wives. Fuck them. fuck their pretty smiles and tupperware parties. I wanted a Real Party...the young stud next door just wasn't cutting it anymore.

So here I was, a marine on either didn't take long for my panties to be soaked through. Feeling bold, I gently sucked the finger of the taller of the too. "My...what big fingers you have"...within moments I could feel the heat from his crotch against my leg. He pulled me towards him ,our tongues fought for control. His hands snaked his way across my breasts, squeezing and pulling. I pushed them down against me, to the wetness between my thighs. He got the hint pretty quick, and soon I was filled with his thick finger and hands. He had no grace, but the brutality was appealing.

As I ground my clit into the palm of his hand, he called his buddy over. More like ordered him actually. "Get this dress off of her," he barked. The younger one obeyed easily. Hmm...this should be fun I thought. I turned to kiss him as he pulled the dress from my head. His lips were sweet, and his eagerness was obvious. I got the older one suckling a sweet nipple, and decided to see what the young guy had to offer.

As I unzipped his jeans, the first one picked me up and positioned me, rotisserie style. This was going to be a LOT of fun! I felt his thick cock glide into my dripping wet cunt, and I gasped in surprise. Meanwhile, I plucked a very hard, purple head out of the uncle sam issued tight-whities in front of me. MY GOD, I thought. The New and Improved version. I could barely get my hadn around him, let alone my mouth. The head alone made my cheeks bulge, and everytime he hit my throat, I gagged hard enough to squeeze the stub behind me.

This is heaven I thought...until i heard the door open. Oh shit..who the fuck is that??

"Hey guys, we're over here," I heard. WHAT?? What guys? "I hope you don't mind, I invited a few of my buddies over too." What could I say - my pussy was stuffed, and I had just received a very hot and sticky pearl necklace that I was trying to lick up. "Mind if they join us?" SURE! Next please!

To be continued...

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