All alone with no one to fuck  

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5/5/2006 2:00 am

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All alone with no one to fuck

Never leave a woman on her own for too's a good philosophy to live by. The mind starts to wander, and the pheremones start to ooze out of her pores. Men can smell a woman in heat...see it her eyes, the way she tosses her hair. Women always know when a man is watching too. Ever notice how many times a woman gets up to go "powder her nose" - she's actually spreading her scent, her musk around the room for all the men to smell and be drawn to.

When her pussy is wet, the smell of her juices is like honey to a bee. Have her wear no panties next time you go out...a just before you arrive, kiss her deeply, powerfully. Run your hand under her skirt and start to feel her wetness flow. Then stand back and watch her walk into the room. Notice how the men will instinctively turn to her...drawn by the urge of thier sex. Your woman will notic it too, and her heat will increase as she senses thier hot cocks throbbing in their pants for her.

But never let a woman wander...especially without you. No woman wants to feel discarded, forgotten about, or generally unwanted. The moment you let her take her own, without you...the moment she knows you no longer care, is the moment you have lost her entirely.

Does your woman want to experiment? Let her...under your supervision. Watch her seduce another, let her bring him to her. Learn from what she does with him. No doubt, they are things she longs for you to do her. The woman will take advantage of the horny man, treat him as her personal toy - especaully if she knows it will turn you on. So kick back, relax, and enjoy the show.

Later on, you will reap your rewards...her lust wont be satisfied until she hears how much you were turned on by her performance. Woman are naturally curious creatures, they want to know and understand everything they can about their man - including what turns them on. Tell her - what you liked, what you didn't like - what YOU could do better. Trust me, she'll make you SHOW her.

And please...please don't get angry - her biggest turn-on is how much you trust her to fuck another man, but still love and want you. The moment you lose your temper, she knows that turst is just an illusion, and then she will no longer trust you. Instead, revel in the lustiness of iot, the naughtiness of sharing, the level of trust and intimacy that must exist in order to be that free. Only then, can you truly OWN that woman, her mind, her body, and her soul - and she will do Anything, and Everything for you in return.

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