The Most Beautiful And Intoxicating Drug In The World To Me! :+)  

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9/29/2005 11:28 pm

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The Most Beautiful And Intoxicating Drug In The World To Me! :+)


what is love?

you ask me?

loving a woman?

do you mean?

i tell you

to experience

the transcendental

that of which

we call experience

run your fingers

through her silky hair

bury your face in it

and smell

and feel

and taste

the spirit exuded

from within

gaze deeply into her eyes

for they are

the portals to view her soul

taste her sugary soft lips

feel and suck on

the sweetness and wetness

of her loving tongue

taste the sensuousness

of her saliva

breathe in her heat laden

passionate breath

kiss and suck and lick

the soft hot skin

of her delicate neck

place your ear

between her breasts

and listen to

the passionate pounding

of her heart

and hear her and feel her

rapid racing exciting breathing

caress her soft yet firm breasts

suck and kick and taste

her hard yet sensitive nipples

run your lips and tongue

all over her sleek stomach

and soft abdomen

taste the salty sweetness

of her skin and sweat

hold her hands

run your fingers

along her muscled thighs

feel her life energy

her passion ... her lust

exude into you

through every pore

nibble along and kiss

the smooth and silky

warm skin inside

her luxurious legs

caress and massage

the delicate boney structure

of her feet

and lick her toes

its fun!!!

now you have earned the right

to deliver the coupe de grace

bury your face

and breathe in the scent

feel the velvety softness

of her pubic hair

lick around and nibble along

the outside of her blossoming flower

bury your face, your lips, your tongue

into the hot...the wet ...the softness

taste the honey...lick the dew

suck the sweet nectar of

her passion...of her lust...of her femininity

grip her firm ass tight

enjoy the grinding and thrusting

of her lips against your face

until she releases

her passion...her lust...her spirit

unto the shuddering convulsing

state of ecstacy

know that you been blessed

by an angel of flesh and blood

appreciate the beautiful gift

you have been honored to receive

when a beautiful woman

gives freely and lets you share

her mind...her heart...her soul...her body

you have received

the most precious present

of nature that exists

the love

of a real goddess

Copyright 2004, Redneck Nirvana Vicitm

ArcataCaliChris 46M

10/1/2005 5:13 am

No...No...NO heart attacks!!! Ya hear! ;+)And you must be a beautiful person for appreciating my thoughts and giving me these compliments. I'm about to blush! LOL! :+)

Drop by and say hello sometime if you wish. I'm just a friendly person--that's all. i'm just me*shrugs*?

Happy thoughts flyaway! :+)

Hugz, Chris

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