Some Advice For Young Women About Guys  

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Some Advice For Young Women About Guys

Some advice for young women.
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Aloha everybody,

I guess I thought I might start adding some of my opinions and beliefs to this blog. I have been motivated in some part by a kind message I received from a really cool and complimentitive young woman from California a few months ago. She stated her and her friend had learned so much from my blog!!! LOL! I'm glad they did, but I didn't know I had that much to learn from it??? *shrugs* But thank you very much just the same for your kind remarks.

I used to work and volunteer for the mental health profession. I have talked to so many teenage girls about their lives and problems. Problems ranging from phyisical violence, to verbal and emotional abuse from boyfriends, parents, and their male and female peers. These stories made me want to cry quit frankly. And in time, they broke my heart. So I chose to quit because of the pain; i.e., I couldn't remain emotionally detached.

So I thought I would start out with something a little lighter in content in my advice to any young woman that might read this post.

I used to get allot of questions about "how to tell the difference if a guy really liked/loved them for the person they were, or whether they were trying to just get sex from them?

Well, first of all, it can be hard to tell if they are slick. But if guy is telling you things that are too good to be true they probably are! For instance, statements like: "ohhh, ohhh baby your so hot", or Your so beautiful I gotta have you." And you've only just met them! Yeah, sweet talk like that!!!

Another is like only calling you when they want a piece obviously! Furthermore, the guy wants nothing else to do with you and ignores you while hitting on other girls at a party or whatever is a good indicator too.

Another favorite of the good ole guy is to get you drunk or high and stoned on drugs of course to lower your inhibitions; and thus, take advantage of you. In addition, another favorite of mine is a guy lying to you about sex and birth control. For example: you can't get pregnant if I pull out!(BULLSHIT!!!) You can't get pregnant the first time!(BULLSHIT!) And my all-time favorite one a girl told me one time: " He says he's sterile!" To which I replied "make him show you the medical records proving he is indeed sterile, or assume he is lying!!! LOL!"

Now for some examples of the behaviors a cool genuine guy that likes you for you. Number one: he's indicates through his behaviors and actions he's your best friend first and foremost. He'll treat you with respect, dignity, fundamental fairness, common courtesy, and respect for your freedom to be yourself. He'll want to participate in a number of activies with you. Things like stimulating conversation, helping with your problems(emotional and mental support), participating and collaborating with you together in both your and his hobbies, interests, and playful fun. He'll show you affection and attention without always expecting sex. So, the facts are: it takes awhile to get to know each other, and you both should be willing to spend that time if you are both serious.

Furthermore, on the issue of sex. There is nothing wrong with either of you having sexual feelings for each other too. But for the love of yourself and him, do some things to protect yourself and your lover should you choose that the time is right for you. Number one, for goddess sakes: GET ON SOME FORM OF BIRTH CONTROL FIRST!!! (And I don't mean just condoms; I mean The Pill, The Patch, Depo Provera--the most effective forms of BC developed by science!) Planned Parenthood can help you with this. And if you don't have a car or the money, and he does, then he'll have enough kindness,class, and respect for you to drive you to Planned Parenthood for you get on some form of birth control and pay for it too! I think you deserve this much respect and caring at least if he wants THE HONOR and PRIVILEDGE of MAKING LOVE "WITH" YOU!!!

Secondly, please use a condom too for protection against STD's unless you both are absolutely sure your going to be momogomous with each other.

So I'm not in anyway preaching; because I'm pretty damn liberal, lol. But all of these statements are just my opinions and beliefs on the subject of legal teen(17 is legal now!!! :+O In this state? LOL!) relationships and sex.

The choices are up to you to decide!

Ciao fer now!


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