Romantic and Very Sensual!!!  

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9/29/2005 11:24 pm

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Romantic and Very Sensual!!!

My Heart Trembling

lying on a make shift bed of hay bales
gazing at the moonlit and starry sky of night
holding her, caressing her hand
the warmth of her beautiful body
the sweet feel of her skin
the sensuous silky softness of her hair

this moment floats about my mind so surreal
this experience of my spirit so overwhelming

we had just been friends for a year
but this blissful moment of emotional connection
what did she want i wondered

and then it happened
she rolled over and leaned on top of me
her beautiful lips partially parted
emanating the most sweetest air against my face
i had ever felt

and her soft lips touched mine
oh god...the passion filled in her breath
the wetness and softness of her thrusting eager tongue

so surprized, i could barely reciprocate
she was the first beautiful woman
i had ever kissed in my life
my mind and my spirit was blown to the universe
planets, stars, and galaxies swirled in my brain

the feel of her body writhing against mine
the warmth of her breasts rubbing against my chest
her tingling hands holding mine, pressing me down
and her sweet lips pressing even harder
her wet tongue probing ever deeper and faster
the quickening of her even hotter breath
filling my body, my mind, my emotions, my spirit
with the beautifulness of her womanhood, her humanity

this was too much to comprehend
my body was shaking
my heart felt as if it were going to explode
my lungs were going to collapse

then i caught a glimpse of her eyes
piercing mine in the hazy moonlight
an intense energized look of pure passion and lust
and she started touching me places
letting me know she wanted more
than passionate kissing

that night was so unbelievable
it seems like a fantasy now
but i know it was real
she took my virginity
with genuine lust, passion, caring, and love

how can i not always love her?

Copyright 2003, Redneck Nirvana Prisoner

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