Helping A Woman Enjoy Her Own Body And Sexuality  

ArcataCaliChris 47M
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10/19/2005 4:59 am

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9/21/2006 11:45 pm

Helping A Woman Enjoy Her Own Body And Sexuality

Well hell, I'll guess I'll confess to this one too,lol.
For starters, I absolutely love watching, or helping a woman explore her own body and sexuality; and I actively encourage it. One of my favorite things to do is to lay my head on the inside of one of her thighs and watch her play with her clit and pussy. Whether she uses her fingers, or whatever toy of her choice doesn't matter to me. Although, I guess watching her using a vibrator on her clit; and/or watching her slide a dildo/vibrator in and out of her pussy while she rubs her clit and has multiple orgasms or a very hard one is beautifully intoxicating too. And sometimes of course, I like to help by licking or rubbing her clit. Fingering or licking her pussy lips and inside her pussy is cool. And playing with her ass: as that seems to help most women uninhibited enough to let me do it get off really hard!!! And as usual I can be very vocal and encouraging. So I'll tell her how beautiful she is or what she's doing to herself is. I tell her what I want to see her do. And tell her how hot it is making me to watch her make love to herself. I'll stroke my cock and either straddle her or kneel beside her and let her suck on it while she plays with herself. And I'll tell her how wet, and soft, and hot her mouth and tongue feel; and its like being in heaven!

Sometimes we'll just have a mutual masturbation session and she'll play with her tits and rub and caress her stomach; and rub her clit and finger her pussy or use a wine bottle, dildo, or whatever she likes to use. And I'll kneel beside her and cum on her lips and face; or I'll come on he tits. And sometimes I'll get between her legs and and jack off until I come on her stomach, or her pubic hair and let it run down her onto her pussy lips. Basically I'll do whatever she likes and wants that turns her on so hot that she hopefully has many wonderful orgasms; and maybe even ejaculates; AWESOME!!! LOL! And if she likes anal penetration, the anal sex beads, small vibrators, or even rimming her are cool with me as long as she practices excellent personal hygeine, lol!!!

But I think my most favorite, special, personal and sensual experiences are these. I'll lean back against the headboard, or wall, or sofa back(whatever), and have my lover girl sit between my legs and lean her back and head against my chest and shoulders. I then start stroking her hair, and smelling its scent. I love the silkyness and soft warm feel of it and her head on my face. I'll take my hands and caress her face, and lips, and lift her chin up and turn her face to where I can start softly kissing her tender lips and sucking on her hot and wet tongue.

I like to tell her to rub her tits and play with and rub, and squeeze her nipples and breasts. And I'll ask her to caress her ribs and stomach while I watch. I'll lick and nibble on her ears, and kiss her closed eyes. I love gazing into her eyes while she starts to get really aroused. There is just a glow and a change in color that is fascinating! I'll tell her or she'll start fingering or rubbing her pussy and clit. And I'll ask her every so often to let me lick and suck her nectar off her fingers; how delicious! And I'll whisper in her ear how sweet and intoxicating her pussy juices are; and how hot she is getting me! I'll reach down while she is playing with herself and start massaging her breasts and rubbing and squeezing her nipples. And I'll run my hands along her ribs in circles and accros her chest and top of her belly; however far I can reach down! I love it when she really starts breathing hard and rubbing her clit and fucking her pusy hard and fast. She starts whining, and moaning, and panting. I reach down and start kissing her lips, breathing in her moisture and heat-laden breath filled with the scent of pheremones and estrogen. I love breathing her breath in when she is about to come. It is so hot!!! And then I feel her rapid breathing through her back and into my chest. The fast rythem of her beating heart into mine! Then the vibration and sound of her whining, moaning, and groaning climax reverberates into my heart and chest and rings into my ears. I grab her face and start kissing her mouth passionately telling her to come as hard as she can; to SCREAM if she wants too; not to hold anything back! I love hearing her scream!!! And felling her body clench, and convulse, and then release, while letting out the last of her breath into my mouth and face. And then her body relaxes into a pile of jello,lol.

She lets me lick and suck her come off her fingers for awhile and kisses me tenderly while I'll tell her how awesome and beautiful the whole experience was. Her scent from her sweat-covered body, the scent of her vagina, and the air from her hot breath fill the room. And the electric charge of her orgasm, or orgasms, and spirit energize the room an air.

Its the most awesome and beautful experience in the world. The life essence and sexual energy of a woman that is totally full of passion, lust, sensuality, and is free of inhihibitions and repressions is wondrous and fascinating. A woman that makes love with total wreckless abandon is the the closest to a goddess you will ever come to.

Well, that about sums this topic up for me.

Sincerely, Chris :+)

ArcataCaliChris 47M

11/1/2005 3:38 am

Hi Miriah,

Thank you for the compliments! :+) Well, I'm not hitting on you per se, but you might be able to be that woman if you really wanted to be,lol. Of course, that's your decision and mine. Its not something that I wouldn't do for any woman that would enjoy that experience.So if we met and got to know each other ridng your horses or feeding them or whatever else you like to do, and we both felt or developed the "chemistry" between each other, the only thing stopping it is our own shyness or inhibitions. Its something I have done with several lovers in my life. And I'm not bragging or any of that typical male crap. Its just the kind of lover I am. I'm very creative, imaginative, and artistic; therefore, I think of things to do in many areas of life and see the beauty in many things that I think your average ordinary concrete thinking person doesn't. I write about real-life experiences that I would like to share with a woman again, and again, and again, lol. :+P I like making fantasy reality. So I don't really write about fantasies too much. I write about actual experiences that are absolutly rapturous to actually share if a woman will give me the chance to prove it. So I am just "me"; and that's all I can be! *shrugs*

Thanks for looking at my blog Miriah! ;+)

Take care of your fine horses and yourself!

Best Wishes, Chris :+)

rm_jikk3 57M
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11/23/2005 10:56 pm

chris, i could not agree with you more I feel the same way about pleasuring my women I love to see them orgasm and it turns me one when they do

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