Another Romatic One Poem  

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10/13/2005 4:38 am

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Another Romatic One Poem


i am liquid

everything you say

every look you stare

every emotion you convey

every thought you share

i absorb right into me

i am liquid

feel me ooze

between your toes

annoit your pretty feet

soak your long legs

caress your ass and hips

warm your soft fragrant skin

i am liquid

feel me flow over your smooth stomach

and cute belly button

lap along your luxurious vagina

nibble along your delicate ribs

nip at your warm firm breasts

i am liquid

feel me massage your soft shoulders

and rub your sleek back

stroke your sweet neck

rising to your soft lips

feel the tingle of my heat upon them

stroking your rosy cheeks

gently touching your closed soulful eyes

biting at the nape of your tender neck

i am liquid

feel your body float inside of me

feel my heat seeth slowly

into your luscious lips

please open your sensous mouth

and swallow me into your belly

filling your body, your mind, your soul

with my liquidity

let me absorb your physicality

let me taste your intoxicating scent

let me breath in your sweet hot breath

let me feel your spirit

let me touch your heart

from the inside

fore i absorb your very essence

fore i am liquid

Copyright 2003, Redneck Nirvana Prisoner

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