What Is It You Really Want...???  

AquamarineSylph 38F
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8/11/2006 9:35 pm

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What Is It You Really Want...???

i thought that i'll give my 2cents' worth on this after receiving a mail.

Why do men (for that matter, it applies to the girls as well), sends mails to one's Inbox, talking about sincere, true, genuine friendships that are hard to find& in the next breathe, wants his/her ideal person to be less overweightas he/she is fit...

duh................don't get the link between both. maybe someone would like to try explaining it to me...

if friendships are to be based on the physical aspects of one, then i guess there's going to be lots of lonely people in the world. How does one base one's judgment on physical beauty? is there a chart or some kind of checklist as a guide? & if so, who came up with the guide? & on what authority & what definitions? whose to say whose beautiful/handsome & whose not?

beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder...

what may seems ugly to some, is beautiful/handsome to another...

same as "one man's meat, another man's poison"

on the other side of the coin...

who doesn't want to have someone defined as "beautiful/handsome"...befitting the "guide" set upon by trends, fashion mags, peers, etc etc etc.
but as said not everyone's beautiful/handsome

m sure anyone of you have seen a gorgeous human with a (for want of a better word) plain-looking partner...rite?
& that's not just talking about partners...even amongst friends.
would you reject a true lasting friendship just because the person doesn't match up to your definition of "beauty"?

all this bringing us back to AdultFriendFinder.
true that most are looking for a bonk or two in here, some go for more, some less, to each his own. in this case, as i once read in a chatroom by a female, somewhere along the lines of... "since i'm out for a bonk, i may as well get the best one there is."
in this, i agree...cos that's all there is to it.

so please write your profile in the manner that states what you want / looking for exactly. why twist & turn your words...making it sound so nice when it's all just a facade...

it's worth more than it's weight in gold & shines in all shapes, sizes, prints & colors....

uglypoet 51M
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8/11/2006 10:29 pm

wow...whoa...3 blogs already...girl ur on a roll...lol! Hey beauty v ugly; rich v poor...all of which requires comparison so in itself its indescribable (smile) anyway most of the renaissance art painted BBW as it was known to be sexually appealin to have a lil padding...smile...so lets ooh n ahh.

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