What For Breakfast  

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4/8/2006 2:37 pm

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What For Breakfast

We wake up you get out of bed and start coffee take your cup and go out on the back deck , with nothing on! You are setting there and I come out to join you. I see you setting there nude so I say do you want me to take off my gown and you say no not till I say to.You am setting there thinking about the fuck & suck we did last nite and your dick started to get hard and trobbing I say can I at least suck your cock and you say no!!!You tell me to just set there and drink my orange juice, you can tell I are getting so hot by watching your cock trobb so you start playing with it strokeing it and playing with your balls you wrap your hand around the hard shaft and start running it up & down faster and faster, you see me starting to play with my dripping wet pussy and you tell me to stop and just set still!! By now you are pumping faster & harder I see your throbbing cock begining to jerk then all of the sudden you blow your cum almost to where I am setting.You see I cant take much more so you tell me to clean you up by sucking and licking all the cum I can. After I am done maybe if I suck you back good enough You'll fuck the shit out of me. So I suck & lick your balls till your cock is post hard agian you tell me to stand up strip and turn around. When I do you tell me to back up and slowly slide my wet pussy over your cock so I do just when I start slideing down on your cock you grab my hips and slam me so hard down on your shaft with such force I screamed and squirted cum all over your cock and balls . You dont give me a chance to catch my breath and start pounding your cock in & out of my cum soaked pussy thrusting and pounding it in me so hard and deep. I am screaming fuck me dam you . You then pound so deep into my pussy we both cummm so hard again your lap is soaked with cum from you & me. You then tell me to get up and go set back down. You then get up and walk back inside and I'm begging you to let me clean you up with my tounge no you say and get into the show. When you get out I am standing there wanting to suck your cock again you say not now you get your cloths back on and leave without a word!!

We finish breakfast and I get ready to take my shower.. I get into the water water and start to wash my body. Then I feel you nice hand reach around me from behind and slowly move my hands away as you start to wash my body for me.. You wash my hair then you get to my body you start with my shoulders, the my tites you take a lot longer on them making sure not an inch was missed, then to my belly washing it all the you pass my pussy and do the legs and feet then you move back up to my pussy and you clean it all every inch from top of my clit to the back of my ass lathering it up really good.. Once done you grab a cup and start to rinse me off every inch of me.. then once im clean you grab my right leg and lift it up to the side of you hip then you take your hard cock and push it in deep inside me fucking me harder and harder, Im getting ready to cum and you can feel it so you pull out and force me up againest the wall of the shower and hold my arms over my head as you ram you rock hard cock deep in my pussy from behind. Harder and deeper you go Im begging you to fuck me harder and harder Im screaming and moaning loader and loader for you to fuck as hard as you can.. I start to get the body shakes u know Im going to cum quick so you pound me as hard as you can an at one split second we both let out a load moan an we both cum together. Cum in runing down you shaft and down my legs.. I turn my head and tell you I think I need another shower.

We take another shower and then slow dry each other off. After we are dry you take my hand and lead me to the bedroom where you lay me on the bed. Then you go to the dresser and remove a couple of silk scarfs I ask you what you're going to do and you tell me to just lay there and enjoy. you promise me that I will like it. You take both my hands and tie me to the bed and then do the sane with my legs, Spreading them wide
open. You can see that I liking this by the moistness of my pussy. You get on top of me and move you dick toward my tits you slide your hard dick in between my large breast and tell me you want to titie fuck me. As you start I lean up the best I can and every time you slide you dick towards my face I lick the head of your cock.This is drive you wild It doesn't take long till you start to cum. You slide up so I can suck up all your hot cum. I finally suck you dry and you tell me it now my turn. You
get off me and the bed and go back to the dress where you pull out one of my vibrators. You Crawl between my legs and start to lick my moist pussy. I start to moan as you lick and suck on my pussy and clit. You lick and suck.. Then I see I am about to cum. You that the vibrator and slide it into me without turning it on. You slide it in and out a couple of times to get it wet.Then you pull it out of my pussy turn it on and slide it in my ass. You start to suck on clit again and it only takes about 5 second until I explode and start to cum. You never seen me cum this much. My whole body is shaking and I'm screaming in pleasure. You lick and suck up as much of My sweet cum as you can. I finally stop cummin so you remove the vibrator from me. Yoy untie me and slide up next to me. You give you a long passionate kiss and snuggle close you ask if I want more and I tell you that I want to sleep awhile you tell me okay but only an hour that I have a man to take care of today.

luv2teeze 76M

5/1/2006 4:16 am

I luvs you my sexy lady. L2T

golfnut332 62M
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8/28/2006 10:07 am

Better start eating my Wheaties!!! I'm exhausted already!


rm_vince041 52M

10/1/2006 7:58 am

again you are amazing...

rm_Triker1959 57M

10/18/2006 11:03 am

Sexy as SEXY & EROTIC is!!!!!! WHEN?

Stepupifudare 52M
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12/5/2006 5:49 pm

I'll have my coffee on the patio....

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