A Plane Trip  

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4/15/2006 7:59 pm

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A Plane Trip

Its late one Thursday aternoon.I call and tell you to pack a weekend bag. I come pick you up you ask were we are going and tell you to trust me. We drive to the airport here we board a plane to Vegas. It the last flight so its late after about 30 min in the air they turn off the cabin lights. Were in the very last seats in the back. You get up and get a blanket that you put over both of us. You have on shorts and I have on a short
skirt. You start to rub my leg I lean over and tell you I have no panties on so you move your hand up further. You fell my warm moist pussy. You find my clit and start massaging it you tell me I have to be quiet so the stewardesses wont hear. You slide two finger in while still rubbing my clit. You feel my pussy starting to get wetter. I decide that turn about is fair play so I reach up your shorts legs and find your
hard cock. I start to rub it I unzip your
shorts and let your cock out. I begin to stroke it
hard and fast as I'm doing this you stick another finger in my pussy and start rubbing hard and fast on my clit. After about 10 mins we cum
at the same time. You pull your cum soaked fingers out of me and lick them until there clean. I do the same with your finger and your hot cum. We snuggle and draft of to sleep until we start to land.

We get off the plane and I have arranged for a limo to pick us up. We head off to the hotel. We get checked in and they show us to the room. Its about 130am and I say I'm tried and if yo didn't mine I wanted to call it a night. But you have already thought about that. After the Bell hop leaves, I notice that the bathroom is already steam up. To my surprise you had to bell hop
already run me a warm bath. There's also a bottle of chilled champagne there with strawberries and warm melted chocolate. You undress me slowly and help me into the tub. I lean back as you start to wash me. While your wash me, you stop long enough to fill a glass of champagne for me then hand
it and a strawberry dripped in chocolate to me.
Got to run more tonight sweetie. It will be good I
promise and worth the wait.

We finally finish off the champagne and strawberries and I get out of the tub and dry off and you helped me into bed. You tell me your going to take a quick shower. When you come back in you pull the covers back to find that I'm playing with myself you ask me if you can help I tell you yes. But you dint want to use your
finger you start with your tongue. you start licking my warm moist clit, You put two finger into my pussy. Your finger start to get wet you slide them out and put one of them into my tight ass. As the moisture goes away you put one of them back into my pussy to get it wet again. All the time licking and sucking on my clit. Running your tongue up and down then in and out of my pussy. As you start to get my ass wet you feel me
cum which makes my pussy and ass wet now.
You slide your hard cock into my hot wet pussy. I moan in pleasure. After a few minute you ask if I'm ready. I ask you ready for what. You tell me for your hard dick in my ass. I say
yes but ask you to go slow. You tell me you will. You pull your dick out of my pussy and start to slide it in my tight moist ass. I tell me it hurts a little but for you to continue. You push in a little deep. Ever inching deeper and deeper until you are all the way in. You give me a
minute to relax before you start sliding in and out of me. I tell you it feel wonderful and ask you to do it harder. You do, After but 10 min you feel me starting to tight around your dick you know I'm about to cum So you go faster and harder so we can cum together. After about 10 hard strokes we both cum. Both of us are drained
with the travel and hot sex we have had almost all
night. We draft off to sleep in each others arms.

The next morning you awake to a warm feeling you look down and I'm sucking on you. I already have your dick about hard. Now that your awake it gets hard instantly. I smile and say good morning, you don't want me to stop but you tell me you must have a kiss. I raise up and kiss you then I go back to sucking me. You tell me if I don't stop your going to fill my mouth full of hot cum. I tell you that what I want. I suck and stoke your balls until you cum hard. Then I move back up
beside you and snuggle for a while. We finally manage to get out of bed and head to the shower. When I'm all nice and wet and soapy you slide up behind me and slide your dick in my pussy. you push hard and fast until we both cum. We finish are shower and head off to breakfast. While sitting their I start rubbing your leg again and you tell me if I don't stop I'll only get to see Vegas from our room. I relented and say OK. After breakfast we head out to the wave pool and
for some sun. We hang out there for a couple of hours drinking pina colas. About 1200 I tell you I have somewhere I want to take you so we head off. We don't have to go far. I take you into the Spa here I have arranged for a couple massage. We both go and get undressed and return to the massage tables. We both get a wonder relaxing massage. Afterwards we grab lunch and head back to the room. The massage were great but they
have made me want you again. Back in the room I start to undress you slow. When your completely undressed I take you to the bed where I start it kiss you. I start at your neck and work my way down to your hard cock. I start to lick and suck on your cock. I can see I'm starting to get to you. Your getting harder and harder. All of a sudden you explode into a large orgasm. You cum so hard you squirt at lest a pint of cum into my mouth. I shallow all of it. Then I raise up pull myself up to you and with you lying on your back I slide your hard dick into my really wet pussy. I push hard and deep until you cum inside you. Then we draft of to sleep for an afternoon nap.

When we wake up from a couple hour nap I ask if your hungry. You say yes so I tell you we will go eat short, We are both still naked from our hot passionate session before are nap. I ask you If you would me playing with myself before we shower. You tell me you wont if you can do the same. So we set on the bed across from each other as I start to play with my pussy. You grab your Dick and start rubbing it. It does not take it
long to get hard, Between your stroking it and you see me getting excited from playing with myself you completely turn on. We continue until we both cum. I suggest that we shower separately so we can go eat. We walk the strip for a while until we see some place good to eat. During dinner we kiss and touch each other. Both knowing what will follow later. After dinner we head
to the casinos and play Black Jack for a while, and then off to a club inside the hotel where we slow dance, Me kissing you And you kissing me. Its starting to get late and we both want each other badly. So you take me to the room and order desert for us. While we are waiting I undress you and take you to our bed, When the waiter brings our desert I ask him to bring it in and set it on the table next to the bed. To his surprise I am seating there completely naked. He dint know what to do. You wink at me and I grab his hand and pull him towards me. I then unzipped his pants and pull out his cock and took it in my mouth. The waiter was speechless. I suck and stoke his dick until he cums deep in my month. Not
saying a word I put his dick back in his pants and I ask him if he need anymore tip. He shook his head no and left. This has gotten you so hot that I dive between your legs and suck your hard cock until you cum on my face and in my mouth. Then you put me on my knees and slide your dick into your tight wet pussy. I have made you so excited that it only it a few stokes until you cum hard again in my pussy. You pull out but I tell you I'm not done yet. You look at me I tell you to lay on your back and climb up on your almost hard dick. I start slow and increase the motion until we cum together. We fall into each others arms and fall asleep.

When we wake up the next day I run your bath for you then ask if I can join you. You say yes and I get at the other end of the tub. We wash each other while playing with each other. We go to the float pool. Its early and were the only ones there. Theirs a water fall at one end with a little cave to swim through. We go there and sit on the ledge. You run your hand into my top
and start playing with my nipples. I start to kiss
you. You pull my breast out and begin to suck on it, At that point I reach in your trunks and start play with you. with your other hand you reach into my suit and start fingering my pussy. I am so warm. After a few minutes you slip my bottoms down Pull you dick out and put it inside me. We almost cum right then. After a few
hard stroke we both cum hard and long. I tell you it almost time to go so we go back to the room make mad passionate love one more time before we head to the airport. I have arranged for a Limo again to take us on a quick tour, but once inside I tell you I want you again. The driver can just barely see us but I still go down and suck on your already hard cock. You start to moan loud. We know that the driver can here us but we just don't care. I take your hard cock out and get on top of it. This seams like it goes on for hours. About the time we cum together, we get to the airport to come home. On the plane we snuggle and sleep. Both spent from 2 great day of sun
and fun. Although we didn't get much sun because we made love so much its was the best time we had in a while. When we get home I cook you dinner and off to bed we go. you ask me if we can just snuggle tonight because you have to work in the morning and I have just worn you out.

rm_BedroomArt 55M

4/27/2006 2:42 pm

You don't have short fantasies, do you? So detailed, so hot. Reading it makes me want to meet you all the more.


luv2teeze 76M

5/1/2006 4:09 am

Thanks AP for the story. L2T

rm_Triker1959 57M

10/18/2006 11:09 am

You have excellent fantasies & an imagination that will drive any man to CUM!!!!!!!!!

Stepupifudare 52M
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12/5/2006 5:43 pm

I am spent......lots of precum making my jeans wet!!!

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