Lessons learned on AFF  

AnythingShewant5 39M
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6/7/2006 12:50 pm

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9/6/2006 9:46 am

Lessons learned on AFF

First of all this site is quite entertaining and sad at times. Some might think there odds are pretty good here. Here are some facts. There are more than 750,000 men seeking women in California alone. There are 58,000 woman seeking men which is actually very close to the amount of women seeking women. I have noticed 95% of woman responses have wanted to direct you to another website to pay more money. Seems like scam city to me so I have yet to join one of those said sites. As a tribute to this all my future blogs will feature a picture of these girls working for another site. So maybe there is about 10,000 legit woman on this site actually looking to hook up. So there is roughly 75 men to 1 woman in California looking for an actual hookup. I am sorry but imagine the worst sausage fest party you went to in high school and college and make it 10 times worse and you got AdultFriendFinder. Then men have to compete with other men who can put a landing strip on their spam javelin because its so large. Or maybe their cock is on time for work but the rest of them was 15 minutes late. In any event the average Joe probably has a better chance of having a 3-some with Goofy and Minnie Mouse on Splash mountain than they do successfully navigating a hookup on this site. Woman on the other hand have it made, or do they. The selection is all over the place. They can pretty much chime into any fetish or fantasy and have excellent odds of some sort of contact. There is a lot of baggage to this. Because of every guy you like, you will probably get 400 e-mails and pictures of wang before you can find your diamond in the rough. So to wrap things up (as we all should for protection) it sucks to both sexes on sites like this unless you just like looking at pictures and there are some interesting ones.From the words of Brian Regan "Take Luck".

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6/7/2006 1:25 pm

Any idea what the ratio is in Ohio? On second thought, maybe I don't want to know!

AnythingShewant5 replies on 6/9/2006 3:44 pm:
Ohio the odds are better for men than in California. According to my fake woman deduction math it comes to about 25 to 1.

Also in another reponse Couples have better odds overall. There are less couples out there but there seems to be some curiousity on both sides with that type. I am sure couples get contacted by more single men than single woman and other couples but overall there is a good fantasy element there. I will get the actual stats since I just noticed your in Illinois.

Another reponse you are saying why do I stay. Its still fun. Even though I haven't done anything on this site its still entertaining to read and now blog. Plus I paid for silver membership so I will earn it by blogging my opinions as I have many.

rm_mistyblue18 61F

6/7/2006 1:26 pm

If its all that bad then why do you stay? Yes there may be a few downfalls but what dosen't have those. If you never hook up at least you enjoyed trying.

rm_shaveclean2 56M/42F
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6/7/2006 1:31 pm

We have had success...We thought it would have been MUCH Better though. But who can complain when you are still having some fun!! Do you know the odds for Couples??

g the female 1/2 of Shaveclean2


0nno61 54M
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6/7/2006 1:49 pm

AnythingShewant5: You are right in everything you say, however I like to think that you can work the odds, as male or female. I use the chat boxes. At least I know there are real people at the other side of the key boards. And indeed also in chat boxes the odds are about 1:20, but I was lucky one time ....

Shaveclean2: I indeed think the chances are better for couples.

Regards, Onno


LeEnchantress 54F

6/7/2006 2:47 pm

yeah.. the odds are good.. but in my humble opinion. lots of time the goods are odds.
Half the guys who fill my e-mail box have NOT bothered to read the profile, the other half are not what i'm lookin for in terms of physical type... Hey guys. if i say i'm looking for a fit/athletic type then you being 100 lbs overweight is probably not what i'm going to jump for joy for!
Then there are the ego trippers who think i should just jump in my car and drive 100 miles to come see him!
Oh.. while i'm at it.. bring some booze and the rubbers too!
It just never ends.. I'm not a pro.. but it seems that most of the guys here do want a pro in terms of looks/perfect hair/nails/perfect fake boobs..not a flaw in site etc.
You know. i'm not a disaster in the looks department by any means but we are not all barbie on here.
If you aren't fitting their perfect ideal, you are out the window.. These guys won't even chat with you.
Meanwhile we are constantly criticized in chatrooms for having preferences of our own on our profiles if we are girls.
I cannot count how many times I"ve been flamed to death cuz i didn't want to "hook up" immediately with some guy who was cheating on his wife, or some cocky 25 year old cuz i wasn't willing to come drive to his house to come suck his dick!
Dudes.. this isn't Passion. It's just free prostitution in that case. Yeah.. we'd like to be wined and dined OR at least romanced in some fashion. Otherwise.. why don't you guys just go to a prostitute if all you want is a quickie?
Do you know any prostitutes who will do you for a month str8 for only $20/month???
heheheh.. i doubt it...
So... maybe when you are wondering why you are striking out.. you might want to consider your approach... Yeah.. sure we are all looking for sex/romance in some fashion.. but if you make me feel like i'm some unpaid whore. I'll probably not be interested in the first place!
Also. it seems that more guys are interested in the bisexual chicks than the str8 ones. So... us str8 girls don't seem to be much in demand on this site too much anyway!

AnythingShewant5 replies on 6/13/2006 12:40 pm:
I can see where the frustrations may lie. I am however probably one of the few that actually will take 2 or 3 items from their profile and work it into the conversation. Maybe its too detail oriented and they think I am a stalker or something. I don't know but the only ones who respond are trying to get more money from me and send me e-mails from addresses I can't respond to without some sort of subscription. So you maybe getting some of the backlash of their frustrations or maybe they are just not right in the head. And I also agree that men are probably looking for more bisexual woman than straight women but probably most men are looking for a pulse with breasts. Or maybe even Pulse Optional. Good luck to you and may you find some good connections.

AnythingShewant5 39M
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6/9/2006 3:59 pm

As for Ohio Akron42, According to my little math equation with legit woman deduction you hit about about 25men seeking for every legit woman seeking. Still good odds for woman but you will have to do some filtering based on people that don't read your profile or don't match criteria or leave two word response with a picture of an Elephants shaft.

As for the couple in here. I noticed you are in Illinois. There are currently 12,208 couples seeking couples. Pretty good. 17,000 couples seeking woman but there are also almost 6300 woman seeking couples so not bad odds there either. If you are seeking a man there are only roughly 3600 couples seeking men and 35000 men seeking couples. So as you can see on this site if there is a woman in there somewhere the odds are greatly increased for interest.

As for quitting the site. I don't want to do that. Its pretty fun even though I haven't done anything really except a lot of talk. Plus I have to get my moneys worth so I started blogging. I enjoy writing too. Plus my non site hooking up has been fantastic since being on the site so no complaints here. Maybe it added to my give it a shot attitude. I don't know but something is working.

As for the last comment I will have to work on that a little on a seperate reply. Your information is so detailed I think I should return the favor.

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